Super Smash Bros ep.2

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Basically, it's very short...well...a little.

But it's not a rip-off from SMBZ, I tried my best to make a creation but in the 3rd episode, finally my sprites involve the sprites from Daniel Sun, which are Power Star & Mario Combat. This 3rd episode with new features will be ready in the preparation. I'm also introducing a new title screen remix & an intro of the series.

What's more, go to our website at (http://superfilms911-sup ersmashbros.weebly.com)

Enjoy- Superfilms911


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Start at 10.

-3 just a bit short. -2 for EXTREME loud sound at the end and +4 for awesome fighting scene so 9. and 4/5.

Still doesn't measure up.

This isn't his first series, he had another that was removed called "New Super Mario World". That series took its dialogue and fight scenes directly from SMBZ. You're still pulling a lot of elements from SMBZ, like the dream of the hero being detroyed by the bad guy, the collecting of seven whatevers, and the traveling to another world, etc. And your fight scenes are lame. You just have a character stay in the middle of the screen while the other character moves around playing sound effects. And the random music doesn't fit either, ones from Power Rangers, DragonBallZ, and SpongeBob?

About the story, I didn't understand what happened in episode 1 until I read the synopsis in this episode. You have to give the audience some clue as to what's happening as it's happening. Don't just make random characters fly in and stuff happen and expect the audience to just 'get it'. For example, it looks like Bowser Jr. has Mario on the ropes until Luigi just flies in and beats him. Then they all fly off in Luigi's Barrel 747. How did Luigi get there and why does he have a jet?

Okay, so everyone knows who these characters are. But you still have to give some form of introduction. If Mario was transported to Pokemon world from his world, then how did Sonic, Luigi, Boswer, and Bowser Jr. get there?

PS: If it wasn't a ripoff, you wouldn't need to remind us.

Good start.

Ok, so I'm giving it an eight because I like the story. It's original and it's got great potential. However, I didn't give it a ten because it just feels really rushed and the animation just doesn't catch my eye as good. I know you said it was short but try making them a little longer. Add more story to the characters. All in all it looks like it's going to be great. Keep up the good work :)

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4.72 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2011
4:20 AM EST