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Thinking outside the box may be required in order to reach each level's exit door as you attempt to escape Volcania.

Have fun :).

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Great game!!! Everything worked very well. Not too hard, and not too easy; just perfect. All of these reviewers are cry babies. You did an awesome job.

Mouse Does not work on level 27

Possible bug???
I'm not certain whether it my flash version or if it the fact that i use a mac???

Aside from that good game. although i would like to finish it though i can't

Needs some work

Now, I like the style, but you may want to think about the reaction time. There is a lag between the time you press the button and the time the avatar moves. Sometimes the avatar doesn't even respond at all. This makes a platformer like yours impossibly difficult.

Love the concept.

Great game enjoyed figuring out everything, the only time I had to use walk through was at the last level I was like derp oh yeah home got it XD but anyways looking forwards to the concision. Kind of reminded me of that game called if you are not cheating you are not trying.


How do you make a terrible game? By overcomplicating the game. And that's exactly what you did. I mean did you really need to have new game physics in every level? No you didn't. In fact the game is not original in the least. You took physics and game mechanics from every flash game on here and incorporated them into each level here. Hell you have one level where your suppose to right click and activate a cheat. I mean how the heck are we suppose to know that?

It's fine to borrow ideas from another flash game and make them your own. But it's plain dumb to steal every idea from every flash game on here, and call them your own. Simply put, you lack originality. Now you and everyone else is probably going to bash me. But hey, I don't mind it. Because everyone's entitled to there own thoughts.