Refugee: The Great Escape

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Refugee is a quite typical "escape the room" game. But in this case your objective is escaping from not the one room, but the whole planet. The main character is a fugitive from the greatest prison in this universe. Unfornately while escaping his spaceship has crashed onto the forbidden by a humanity planet. He woked up in a rusty cold cell, and from this point his only objective was escaping from this place.

WALKTHROUGH: pastebin.com/ZTAzsmHk

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Horrible game. The only thing going for this game was the graphics. The puzzles were atrocious and required the player to be able to read the mind of the author in order to understand what to do next. There are absolutely NO clues as to what to do with the re-wiring puzzle other than "connect the opposite". Black/white was easy, but the rest made no sense. You end up having to try random combinations, and with nothing to even indicate if you had any of them correct (there were NO lights for correct connection) this task becomes extremely boring.

The computer puzzle gave no indication of what needed to be done... not even a blinking cursor to indicate you are supposed to type something in. After being forced to check the walkthrough and finding that this puzzle depends on the player knowing DOS, which I am unfamiliar with, I gave up. No thought in the logic of the puzzles, no thought given in providing clues, assuming all players know DOS intimately... these are things which can quickly kill a game.

1 star for graphics
1 star for atmosphere and background noise/music
0 for logic and playability.

Good, but needs some work

I like any kind of escape the room game, and this one is no exception. I especially like the cold and threatening atmosphere of the jail complex (great choice of sound!), if you play this alone in the dark... chilled me to the bone!

But, sadly, I have to agree with Catalyste in her review, your english may need work (but mine too, so don't worry to much), and most of all, the entire game seems to need some bugfixes.
She is right, the circuit puzzle only respond to one special solution which I was lucky enough to find. Others may quit the game there and then since they don't have the patience for such a puzzle, which I kinda understand.
I couldn't continue in the next room anyway since I have no clue what to do at the computer there, I tried to enter "help" or "yes", even entered some of the names and codes from the starmap - nothing happens at all, and there's no other hotspot to click on.

I know, there's a walkthrough but I prefer to solve those games myself, I mean everyone can read/watch a walkthrough and finish the game, that's no challenge at all.
So all in all, scary ambiance, nice ideas, with a little more work it would be great, but it's still a good game in my eyes.

Gotta work on your English a bit.

Try to have an English speaker proof read and correct your text so that translations mistakes won't show.

Equestrium: You're either a Brony or you read Homestuck. lol Bonus point for that.

The text for your journal is a bit hard to read and hard on the eyes. If you could make it a bit bigger that would be an improvement.

The circuit puzzle doesn't seem to respond to alternative solutions. I had the two circuits on the right go green, while the one on the left remained orange/unresponsive even though they were all hooked up correctly. There also seems to be a lag or a non-response there when I dislocate a wire from one of the solved/green circuits.

I was able to solve the other puzzles, but that circuit one needs work. I've played puzzles like that before, but this one just wasn't responding to the solution, therefore I could not finish the game like I hoped.

The graphics aren't bad, the puzzles aren't hard (unless you don't know your color opposites), and the objective is pretty simple.

But that puzzle needs work. It's just not working.

Wackyjackie responds:

Firstly sorry for English ^^'.

Thanks :).
There's one combination for completing the circuit puzzle. If you connect cable rightly orange connector will turn green (after a while).

It's my very old game and some of the bugs couldn't been repaired without rewriting the whole engine.

Ahh and sorry for the lack of the outro...the game was too big to put in on NG with it :C.

//I'm not a brony, but my friend is a ponies fanatic :P.

Oh, and here's the solution: http://tinyurl.com/cezlmur

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2.52 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2011
5:40 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click