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This is a story, of two lovers. Once a upon a night, many of a lovers has never been this truly in love. Oh Miguel, what say you?

(This was a speed thing I did with Jomm. He's cute!)

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Afterburner. Really, that's the funniest part of the animation. The dialogue is deliciously corny, the voice acting is hilarious, and abrupt ending really make the animation pop, but without something loud and somewhat obnoxious, it wouldn't have been nearly as funny.

By the way, nice work on the background. I'm really digging the water and the sky, especially the subtle tweening with the water.

I'll dock half a point because it's so damn short. This could be a part in a collab or something, but as a standalone it's a little lacking.

This is a great change from the usual stick-fights I see you do. At first I was thinking '... please don't have sold out to some fuckwit', then it just got stuypider and stupider... right to the point I was luaghing my fucking ass of. The ending was the absolute best, mate. Bloody good work.

jajajajaja jo jo wtf lol so funny

i wanna know where i can find some jomm work cause he seems great and that site "fluidanims" doesn't work for me, as in doesn't load

Very entertaining

So first of all Congrats on winning a daily award thats always a plus with the work and time put in to these, The size was pretty good too so another great thing, This animation was pretty good, and the animation was pretty smooth as it moved from scene to scene, the animation looked abit differant but still ran smooth, This toon was abit short but it was still good and presented some good quality about it and such, So anyways great animation, nice action and somewhat of a decent story, all pretty entertaining, so nice work, and good effort, hope to see more of your work soon, untill then keep up the amazing flash works.

So improving theres always some room for, with this flash i wouldnt mind seeing more "BATTLE" and more flashy effects in the backround. maybe even making it longer stretching out abit would be nice