Sonic generation's end

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First, I'd like to congratulate myself the immense honour of being the first Sonic generations parody maker who managed to make even 2 video's without ever doing the "modern Sonic/Eggman explains how crappy modern Sonic games are and Classic Sonic/Eggman commits suicide" joke. I'm awesome.

There's 2 sketches here, not much to say about the first one.
The second one was based on the bad jokes from Generations again.
Tough I have to give generations credit for finally going easy on the food jokes, every other joke still irritated me, being all lampshades. (tough this is just me I guess. Others who played the game loved the jokes.

Lampshading is when the author points out flaws or irritations of the story.
Note he doesn't FIX them, or even make an actual JOKE. He just points it out. Which to me is like someone knocking over paint on your carpet, pointing out he did it, and then just leaving again. Yeah, thanks.

So there's a "joke" where Classic Eggman points out he isn't called Robotnik. Beats me what the punchline is. haha, he mentions the name "Robotnik"? Would be nice if we finally got an in-character explanation for the disappearence of the name, but nope.
Or the other joke, "Where do these rings go? - I don't know"
Is that a joke? Sounds like a stand up comedian act without a punchline.
"Hey, hey, so you know in Sonic the hedgehog how these rings disapear when you collect them? Well? Do you?... Err, well, that's all I have, please laugh."

WHERE'S THE JOKE DUDES? So being the almighty god of comedy that I am, I took it upon myself to make a proper rings joke here. Even if you don't find it funny, we can at least all agree it resembles a joke.


This is way funnier than generations

At least here I actualy laughed rather then want to rip of my own ears, I mean I can't stand the "jokes" of them ore recent Sonic games. Sonic himself has now adopted the personality of someone who is so desperate to be seen as funny even though he clearly is not.

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Seeing eggman's TIME PARADOX really sadi what thought during the final scene.

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Oh yes!

The Silver bit was especially priceless ;) Awesome work!

Soon This Animation Will Be in Portuguese

So do not Worry , after a week or two this video will be ful translated to
Brazilian Portuguese, so don't worry Portuguese fans! The translations is on!

That was epic.

Especially because the jokes are fresh!

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Dec 10, 2011
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