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Author Comments

Invertion is a challenging puzzle platformer game. You'll need all your skills to finish this Portal inspired adventure.

Feel free to host the game on your site.
Non-exclusive licenses are available.

Just contact us.

Have fun!

PS. Thanks for all the positive comments I'm getting. I'm definately planning to make a sequel with tons of new ideas, to continue the story.



Is that Glados from Portal 1 and 2???

Intriguing, however...

I liked this game a lot, actually. I had beef with it being so similar to Portal until you said in the credits that you were inspired by it. I commend anyone on Newgrounds that can give credit when it's due, so I no longer mind its similarities to Portal.

Now, some constructive criticism:

1. Rounded edges on platforms in a game this physics intensive is just not a good move. I lost a good number of clones to slippery slopes.

2. Use a different color scheme, at least, to keep it from looking SO much like portal, maybe make the A.I.'s endgame different as well.

3. Robot clone games always benefit from the addition of an 'inactivity' mode to spice up your tactics. Consider it for later on.

4. OK, so if you horizontally split (h split) and then vertically split (v split) you can have up to four robots on the screen. However... shouldn't these new copies be able to h split as well? And then those new copies should be able to v split! Go nuts on the numbers, it'll make the game really frantic. (impose copy limits per level if necessary.)

5. It gets hard to distinguish the original from the clones at times. Maybe a colored halo behind them, or a special antennae for the leader?

6. Spice up the deaths of the clones (and even how they are made) it's more interesting that way.

7. The puzzles are great, but the ending is pretty weak, really... i mean, when you can do all that this little robot can do, why give up there? Go for the air ducts! After all, SOMEONE had to set up the PC he was using, and the table, and network the damn thing, so there must be a way out!

8. Sonic the Hedgehog Syndrome: Spike groups shouldn't damage clones who touch them from the sides.

Anyhow, these are simply my personal observations. If you guys want help with the story, I write them, and would do so for free, simply to see your sequel shine. (and for credit, of course.) Make me proud!

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A bit too much like portal...

I mean, it was pretty much the same thing as portal, only without the portals and the mirror/split power instead.

It was still okay though.

Good, not great.

This was an awesome game, but the controls slip a lot.

too good but too short

i loved it. reminded me so much of portal. nice voice acting loved the robots voice from the beginning but why did he stop talking? i thought it was too short for my taste and if you can make a sequel please.

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Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2011
7:37 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle