[KK] Skyrum

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Cat Sage spends an entire month playing skryim, and this is what he has to show for it.

The newest flash in the Cat Sage Justice Saga series. I spent a long
time playing skyrim and this is pretty much what I feel like doing
everytime I come home to my scaley wife. And I don't really know
if Khajiits and Argonians can have sex...


This was AWESOME!!!

aww shit i clicked the wrong star *cough*

CatSage responds:

Obviously you lack the basic motor skills to even survive
I'd ask you to kill yourself but your hand would probably
slip and you would end up molesting your sister.

I Laughed my cock off.

And then sadly it flew away. Good job I loved it Keep making more of them this magical shit is funny.

CatSage responds:

magical shit is indeed funny

Ok, you're an idiot.

This really just sucked. Perhaps the insult you hurl at me will make up for the shitty animation that you put up here, but, well, I kinda doubt it.

Frankly, the guy below me is right. This place has standards. The least you could do is get a voice actor, and MAYBE take a college course on flash animation. It's NOT that hard.

I should mention, even the old newgrounds had standards. Dumbass.

CatSage responds:

Your right, I'm going to take a two thousand dollar
college course so that I can impress you. You've seen
through my ruse and for that I present to you my cock.
You may now get down on your knees and suck it.//

This is terrible

The use of Microsoft Speech for the voices and cut out pictures with drawn in brush markings for faces? and then you comment on all the reviews with bad ranking telling them they are a retard, or "their vagina is a turn off?"

Newgrounds has standards, step up to them. Users of newgrounds don't want people like you disrespecting them for rating you horrible animations, which are spamming newgrounds.

Clear message. Get. A. Life.

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CatSage responds:

It's all clear to me now, you are a faggot.
I fight for the old newgrounds, the one that didn't have

This made my day.

The animations style and voices just made me laugh my ass off.

CatSage responds:

there is a lot to be learned from this one.

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1.07 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2011
5:11 PM EST
Comedy - Original