Falcon punch teh mudkipz

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In this game you have to Falcon punch teh Mudkipz. There is a variety in the strength of Falcon punch, which you can choose. A weak or strong Falcon punch to end the Mudkip species, it's your choice! Contains a lot of memes. YAY!

Have fun.


I bet you tried to do one of those "Puffballs United" games (yes, I know they're not the creators at all, but you get the point)
I would say that you must try something more original, I read the other reviews and your answers, and actually if you worked way more one it, would be worthy, but then again, it's better do something more original
I expected someone capable to do the Falcon Punch, traveling at least in a single level, finding a lot of Mudkipz and obviusly, Falcon Punching them, explosions, I don't know, something better :T
PD: Wow... just kept doing stuff in 2011, the only year you at least did something -_-

THIS GAME SUCKS! You could at least use Captain Falcon! Plus, mudkips are awesome! Why would you punch them? Next time make them punch jynx at least.

lol i voted 5 because i was keep maken his arm rip off :3

1 i like mudkips they are the best pokemon since i was a child 2 they can kick your ass 3 this is just sad man try harder next time

Try again FRIEND

I think that you should make the game more fun and needs to look more,i don't know. Good? Try again next time and i'll see if you have done better.

(PS I like Mudkips)

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IbbsWorld responds:

Well, I was walking by with my friend and he was talking about Falcon punching and suddenly the idea for this game popped into my head (somehow!) so I started working on it, with the intent of making something kind of bad, but funny at the same time. The sad thing was, the animations were supposed to be the good parts. Lol. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to review and tell me what you think!

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Dec 9, 2011
3:41 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click