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Errors of Reflection

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Make a journey through a mysterious city and visit extraordinary places where reflections don't follow our laws of nature and alter your sense of vision. Search and find all reflection errors!

"The distinction between appearance and reality is a central part of each mode of reflection. Each leaves open the possibility that what appears to be the case is not. Each mode of reflection, therefore, recognizes the possibility of errors." [John Kekes]


-Remove a reflection error by clicking on it.
-Get access to help and other options by clicking on the error counter.
-After removing all errors click on the error counter to visit the next place.
-The faster you find all errors the higher your score will be.
-During pause and exit screen playtime is halted.
-Unsuccessful clicks and the use of help will decrease your score.
-Everytime help is used it takes longer to reactivate the help button.
-Game progress will also increase the cool-down time of the help button.

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Loved it!

not bad

Not bad at all. Definitely an interesting take on the spot the difference genre. Seeing as how the songs wasn't credited, care to spot the song for me that was in the level right before the farris wheel level?

tom23tom responds:

All songs are credited in the menu screen. The song in the picture right before the ferris wheel picture is from Connum. You can find it here: http://www.freesound.org/people/Connu m/sounds/12691/


it is just a point and click game so don't come here like many before you and expect something else, although in its own right i believe this unique game mechanic gives it this score

stuck at 80%

The loading screen is stuck at about 80%.
Can't play.


You say all this spooky stuff about "visiting extraordinary places" and "each mode of reflection recognizes the possibility of errors"...and it's just a 'spot the difference' game?