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My first attempt at making a game that didn't involve drawing a # on a piece of paper and filling in the spaces with Xs and Os.

A big thanks goes out to my artist and damn solid friend, the Last Pierogi. He did 99.9% of the art you see in this game, and he's fantastic. (The .1%? I did that little star.) More than that, he dealt with me bitching about code and the difficulties of learning for months, patiently. Rafajafar supplied the music, and if you haven't checked out his site be sure to - he does some great music.

The world Electrikill takes place in is actually a world I want to develop more and more. You get glimpses of it in the journal unlocks, but really this isn't the sort of game people play in order to read text. The difficulty is a bit streaky here and there - some levels take a combination of patience and unlocks to really get past easily - but this should be fun for anyone who loves a little bit of challenge in their shooter games. And punishment. Can't forget the punishment. Deal with a Gringo level and you'll see what I mean.


* All credits earnings doubled! Earn double the credits on any kill, and 5000 credits for defeating any star challenge!
* Stage 6 made slightly less swarm-y.
* 100k creds achievement should now be working.
* Test 11 now has the redwhale! Get that fully-special-upgraded normal gun primed!
* Test 18 now allows the full 10 shots.
* Sponsor intro screen now informs you of the need to click or press space to continue.
* Achievement text for the normal special upgrade has been fixed.
* Scattergun and shotgun shots now count towards shots fired achievements as intended.
* Redwhale and Spazz health bars should no longer disappear.
* Upgrade menu should now correctly show which upgrades are purchased and which are not.

Lingering Issues:
* Still have not duplicated the 'missing upgrade screen' bug. More detail would be appreciated.

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Nice for passing some time and letting out steam

But now I've finished the final challenge, still missing quite a few stars, upgrades and achievements, and it feels kinda... pointless.
I did like the humor, but it felt like I was just training without knowing what for. The weapons were like the standard pistol/shotgun/machine gun in other games, nothing especially electrical. The challenges were sometimes frustrating (again, for no story-related reason), sometimes too easy. And the game lacks "finishing touches" to make it more comfortable, like showing which upgrades can be bought and which are too expensive.
Keep the humorist attitude, improve on other things and let us know what this is all about in a sequel with real battles, I say! :)

VictorGrunn responds:

Hey, thanks a bunch. Someday I plan on doing a proper sequel to this - this was literally my first game/code project ever. Writing the story was the most fun part for it. :)

Highly entertaining

I really enjoyed that; didn't see any bugs at all. Enemies were sufficiently varied and difficult without being *too* frustrating, and the changing win conditions prevented staleness.

The only problem I had was with completing the star challenge on test 9; having an upgraded shotgun actually makes it *harder* to complete, but there's no way to turn off the upgrade... (with hindsight the way to the star challenge in test 7 was upgrading the normal gun, but I wasn't going to start from scratch) But that's a minor wrinkle, and I'd love to see the follow-up.

VictorGrunn responds:

Thanks for the high score and feedback. I patched up most of the bugs except the save-related one (that comes down to adblockers and cookies, really, but there's a way I can code around that on a per-play basis) and one other. I learned a lot about tweaking difficulty and UI and... heck, a million other things on this outing.

This game's getting a sequel down the line, something far more polished and built. Along with other games based in the world as time goes on. Glad you liked it!


This game is too buggy. it won't let me go past the first level. fix it.

Hooker alert!


VictorGrunn responds:

Where? Where?!?!


Aw man. Don't get my hopes up like that.



VictorGrunn responds:

Rubbish! You mean rubbish. Rubbage is related to quarrywork. And don't try to tell me you really meant rubbage, because you're not a 19th century mason.

Thanks for playing anyway!

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3.16 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2011
6:39 AM EST
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