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That Venusaur sure knows how to fight.

Music by OneyNG

Additional coloring and cleanup by Suzy Berhow!


holy shit!! lol lol

umm i mean venusaur

I laughed

Pikachu bitches about a hurt knee when venasaur has been shocked 3,or was it 4, times.

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HAHA! PRICELESS! and yet soo true!

solid animation and okay artwork with some nice humor :D nice work dude

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Oh my knee

If that damn joke wasn't held out so long it would be perfect. I always have wondered why ash wouldnt let him evolve.

One word: Samey.

With the characteristic art style and such, this is clear to be a movie in the 'awesome' series right from the outset. As you hear the humour, it's even more clear to be a movie in the 'awesome' series. As the voice acting begins, it becomes yet clearer that it's a movie in the 'awesome' series. Do you see where I'm going here?

Just about nothing in the flash seems original. Although you're a great author, it feels like rather than going out and doing something new you seem to be rehashing the whole awesome thing because it's guaranteed to get positive reception and a lot of views. After all this time, however, it just feels like you're dropping all the old jokes and such onto a different game each time and jiggling it around a bit until it fits.

The actual animation itself was pretty smooth at most moments, with a few moments where it dipped into choppier bits, however it's still far better than the majority of animations I see. The background art, I actually really liked, it was pretty pleasant and definitely gave me a feeling of Pokemon, perhaps due to the tree shape looking a lot like the impassables from the game itself drawn in flash.

Although it's a staple of the series, the high-pitched and slightly squeaky style of voice acting I simply found to be annoying. Sure, it was fitting with the atmosphere, but it just becomes irritating after a while. When Ash wasn't speaking, and it was just the Pokemon, it wasn't so bad, but nor was it particularly good.

One of the main quips I have overall is how long the final joke is carried on for. I assume you were going for the whole 'comically timed injury that causes a character to voice pain for a longer period of time than expected' thing, however I just don't think that it worked out too well. Overall it gave the impression that you had little over material to work off of, and thus to pad out the whole thing that single joke was just stretched for as long as you possibly could.

Overall, I just got the feeling that this was created not because you felt inspired and compelled to produce some new content, but you felt like you needed to create something in order to keep fans happy and decided to play it safe by not creating anything new and putting pretty little thought. The production quality isn't bad, but in terms of entertaining somebody whom has seen the majority of your other flashes over the years, this isn't particularly great.

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4.47 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2011
5:37 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
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