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Hollow Rings

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I made this demo in around 10 hours of work so I don't expect it to be popular. This demo version is just meant to show you what the main purpose of the game is. I plan on making 40 unique levels in the full version. I am open to any helpful suggestions and comments. I hope everyone enjoys it.


It has potential

Keep up the work, the demo wasn't very addicting to say, but with some more work it could become a gem

decent, nothing new

i think it would be better if you had at least a few chances to continue at the level you die on, or maybe just go back one or two levels, instead of starting all over again

mkwklng responds:

I plan on adding lives most likely 3 to 5 and thanks for the HELPFUL review.

I like it.

I really like how the rings shake and then move suddenly, plus it was nice when the green ring would jump from the far side of the screen to right next to me. Can't wait for a full version.


Dude this game sucks! I like the fact thats it's simple but, it kinda crosses the line with the fact that your goal can go through the enemies making it impossible to win! Also, somthimes it glitches and ends up making me lose when i hit the goal beside the enemie.

And last but not least, and the worst thing about the game, you have no lives!!!! So when you fuck up, you have to start all over again!


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mkwklng responds:

I understand your diss appointment but the point of this game is to be patient and get the ring. And I will add most if not all of your suggestions in the game thank you.


I do like it.

Really enjoyed playing it.

Some scary music would really help set a nice mood for this game.
The background was too.. empty.
Put something in there.

Very good 'avoid' game, but too damn simple.

You said you didn't expect it to be popular, but it could be with a few more hours of work.

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Credits & Info

1.62 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2011
8:41 PM EST
Skill - Avoid