Minecraft Tower Defence

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// UPDATE - 26/02/2012
- The End map no longer has 'stopping mobs' glitch.
- Various other bug fixes


The team would like to say thanks so much guys. We recently achieved 1,000,000 worldwide hits on Minecraft Tower Defence and thats all down to you! See in game for more details!

Hello and thanks for playing Minecraft Tower Defence previously...

As developers we've listened to you, heard you and now we bring you the game what it should have been. With a new features such as a speed up button and many of the previous bugs squashed.

I bring you, exclusively to Newgrounds, Minecraft Tower Defense V2.0!

You begin your journey by digging your own path, making sure you don't cross over and reach your house. The longer your path, the more resources you acquire. The more resources you acquire, the more turrets and traps you can buy and upgrade to hold of the many mobs of Minecraftia!

With 4 dispensers to buy, and 4 traps to lay down all in which can be upgraded you can defend your way on Survival Island, Dungeon and in the Nether! Hint: You can get to the end if you play long enough!

Thanks for taking time to play the game, please leave some of your finest critique...
Love, Adam, Lewis and Billy!

Still not satisfied? Just you wait for what we have in store for you guys next time around!


Awesome!!! 5 stars


Really addicting! On another note, I think I found a bug. When Herobrine comes along, he apparently makes any other mob wave in progress become invincible...Scared the crap out of me when I saw him just completely running past all my lava and tower defenses without getting hit. Anyway, nice game!

juts some thing to tellyou.................. its was nice and good well thats it bye :3

adam DIS is awesome and sence the 1.4 update is here make minecraft tower defece 3!with new mobs like the wither bat and witch thers zombies and mods with swords and amore and rare drops and some skelys even do not use bows in 1.4so please think about makeing minecraft tower defence 3 and add more lvls a more trurets and traps :D

20 waves suckas

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3.96 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2011
1:12 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense