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Hi there!

This is our new game about hotel development in sim/strategy genre


It's a fun, interesting, and an overall grea game.

I really like this game, there are others like it, but this one is seems to be thought out in a better manner it has a good backbone but there are a few flaws that frustrate me at times.

The elevator system -
The system works well at first and is easily manageable, but when you start expanding the customer reviews complaining about them continue consistently. A better approach would have been to give the gamers the power to directly upgrade the elevators instead of giving one that can hold twice the customers. The reason for this is when the elevator is in a line (which is the least challenging) it can only hold ten for up to 49 floors(?)

The staff elevators didn't really seem to make a big difference.

I'd love to stare at this game and watch it develop if it were always interesting but sometimes you need to wait and go to another tab. However, you're not able to do this because the game auto-pauses so if you don't want to stare at your screen out of boredom you'll have to leave your game running while you go somewhere else in the house (on another computer)

Those are the only two problems that I can think of, and they're not that bad, but for being able to get a great reputation on the hotel you'd have to build dozens of elevators and click, and click, and click.

I hope you do end up making a sequel, because it was a really great game!

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Represents the actual annoyance of managing hotels

This is a fun and cute game to play, but it's hard trying to keep your money up, your reputation up, and trying to reach the satisfaction of the customers. I feel like this game was made to show why trying to manage an entire hotel would be a bad idea. If I'm right, give me cake.

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Super cute.

But the guests were driving me crazy about the elevators. Haha

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Welcome to Mr. Fancypants Stay

So fun I played it twice. Good sim game. Though guests really should have made more of a fuss about the filth and stopped complaining that they can't go bowling in their hotel :).

On the one hand it made it simple that all the room and service prices are out of your control. But it could have been interesting to make that managable too (though nothing special for a sim game).

I'm not sure where 'Theme' came into it.

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Pretty good.

A fairly good sim game. I would only ask that it be longer and that the endless bitching about elevators be fixed. Trick or not, I played into the game after beating it for another hour. I had all the expansions and roughly 50% of the hotel was elevators. Still had complaints.

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4.17 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2011
5:41 AM EST
Strategy - Other