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Hi there!

This is our new game about hotel development in sim/strategy genre



i got tired of playing so i destoryed all elevators/cafes/rooms..ect causes the people to say im mad waiting on these elevators... then i ended up with -2million and 0 reputation and still never got a game over even though i could no longer build rooms or make money and if i were to take a load there would be no way to pay it back so i didnt bother with it.

I like it!

The only thing I really don't like is that I had had more big elevators and staff elevators than suites and stuff.. but this motherf****** still wanted more... -.-

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funny to build elevators

i had like 4 lanes of the big elevators, well distributed, and those m**her f**kers still claimed for more.. maybe i should get some rockets and bungee jumpings instead..

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Good but not great

It was a good game, one thing that I really didnt like about it was I couldnt look around freely. It was a pain to look left, right or up and down.

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Pretty fun

It reminds me of Sim Town, without the hassle of having to keep adjusting the prices of each room. It would be better if we could build more stuff.

A note to other managers whose guests keep complaining about the elevators:
Try to build elevators that only goes to a certain floors. eg: 1st to 15th and 15th to 30th. That solves the problem.

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4.17 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2011
5:41 AM EST
Strategy - Other