Chrono Trigger Unglued 23

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Crono and Company discover that maybe going south wasn't the most productive of directions to travel through the raging dust storm in their quest for batteries to put in Lucca's Gate Key. They do - however - have their first encounter with the much lauded Enertron, there's just some minor issues of comfort that have to be overlooked when the device is used. Afterwards, Crono finally acquires some much needed Ether... sweet-sweet Ether!


The space bar, as well as the arrow button, is used to advance conversations. When the secret scene is unlocked you select it from the scene selection menu to play it. Restarting the movie by right clicking relocks the secret scene. You can now skip Gaspar's narration if you select the first scene from the scene menu.


Sorry this episode wasn't out much sooner. At first my laptop became all but unusable, and by the time I got a replaccement laptop in March I realized that I had to crank up production on my novel (not Chrono Trigger related, completely original) if I wanted to get it published before cancer took my mom. Anyways, here's the much delayed episode... I hope to never have it be a whole year between episodes ever again (the last episode released December 7th, today is December 7th a year later).

By the way, be on the look-out for the casting call of DUB Episode 3 to show up soon!


CTU's Personal Hompage: http://www.ultrapublications.com/ctu
My Art Page: http://clovis15.deviantart.com (Okay, so it's not CTU related, but please still look)
Vagrant's Tale (my novel): http://www.amazon.com/Vag rantsTale-Clovis-Dye-Jr/dp/1463735359/ (Okay, so it's not CTU related, but please still look)

"Let's get enertroned!"


Love it, love everything about it!

I must have missed this episode earlier, but I love it just as much as the others. I really love what you did with the survivers. keep up the incredible work :)

Y'know I think it's been almost half a decade since I wrote a review for any type of flash on Newgrounds. It's been a very long time seeing this site again, and the one thing that made me want to come back was watching this series over again start to finish. This series is the only one I've tried to keep an eye on because of how awesome I think it is. I didn't even know you guys were still producing these episodes!

I really like how far you guys have come in terms of quality since the first episodes, but I'm not too keen on the voice acting...(Sorry ) but it's not the intro voice acting that gets me, it's the random out of place timing that just kinda makes the pacing of the flash seem strange, like 5mins of dialogue text and then... BAM! out of no where comes in the random 10sec voice acting, and then back to dialogue text again. It's not bad but it's still kinda odd for it to just come in and out like that out of the blue.

Other than that the characters are still as funny and sarcastic as ever! I see Chrono still hasn't gotten over his ether addiction, Lucca is still slightly conceited but trying to be positive about the horrible situations they get put through and Marle is as clueless about everything as usual. Still the best lesser known series on Newgrounds, hell I'd even go so far as to say that it is the best series on Newgrounds! The witty writing and funny yet strange scenarios you put the characters through are what really makes this series work.

Keep making these awesome episodes, it's too damn funny and awesome for you to stop now!

Clovis15 responds:

The reasons for never doing full voicing in the past were heavily based around never being able to find a stable cast of reliable people. I borrowed the idea of occasional voicing from a favorite game of mine "Skies of Arcadia". This move has unfortunately caused mixed results amongst the fan base.

My lack of decent actors might actually change greatly in the near future, but no promises.

Either way, I am extremely glad to hear that you have enjoyed CTU so much.

Finally: Fear not, for I didn't stop. CTU-24 is now live!

Yeah, this deserves, um, TEN!

That Lucca-centric ending alone gets my ten stars.

5/5 "Accidently"

I accidently slipped my mouse and clicked on my screen and voted "5" and didn't regret it.~ =)

I noticed that you put over-the-top work into quality of this episode by the pre-loader song, hidden scene and dialogue. I thought the hidden scene was genius, the way it was hidden and the content inside was so hilarious as well~ xD hahahaha!

Oh btw, I have been a fan of this series for a long time now, and know that you all have things to do~
Best of luck~

Clovis15 responds:

Thanks for your review. I am glad that you liked the secret scene. Don't worry, I am currently ACTIVELY working on episode 24. I apologize greatly for the delays, and should be stabbed violently if it's not out by the end of January.

The series overall is great! I find it amuzing that Crono can talk instead of being 99% mute. There are parts i can agree with other posters that i dont like. but overall I throurally enjoy the experience of the series. I watched through this series a few years ago, and i was kind of suprised that its still going. Keep up the good work and hopefully in time more time and material will present itself.

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4.15 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2011
12:25 AM EST
Comedy - Parody