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Run Forever

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My first game this year.

Use your mouse to maneuver and click to jump.
But be careful, it only gets faster and you are limited to 3 jumps!

How far can you get?

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pretty cool man, did you use real 3D or, pseudo 3D( illusion of 3D in 2D space using only x and y coordinates ) ??? i made one game using pseudo 3D http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/698098 , but you can work a little bit on sprites you used

I really like the music and the concept

What this game needs is some sort of avatar so players have a frame of reference to time jumps and dodge properly.

An Average Game

First of all, the game can get a wee bit laggy at some points, and the repeating scenery can get a little bland. Maybe you can vary locations in another attempt?

The objects were well drawn and had lots of detail, which I found good.

I think the height you cover when you jump is unrealistic, but, hey-This is a game.

Otherwise, this was a well made game.