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Blow up enemy ships, buy upgrades, and blow up more ships.

A gray star on a level means you beat the level. A white star means you beat it without taking damage (doing so will give you double the points you earned on that level).

Mouse/Arrow keys/WASD - Move the ship.
Click/Space - Fire weapon.
Z - Toggle autofire.
Shift (hold) - Move at half speed. More precise maneuvering.
Esc - Pause.

v 1.9 - You can now double click a level to start it (I probably shouldâEUTMve had it like that from the beginning). The music starts correctly for people who havenâEUTMt played before.

v 1.8.3 - It'll save your mute state now. If you muted it, it'll load muted.

v 1.8.2 - Re-added quality controls in the right-click menu.

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please, make a Reactance 3!

Beautiful simple shooter. Only complaint is that the music has no setting between "One song monumentally loud over and over" and "silence".

this.. is.. AWESOME xD
needs more awesome level and awesome upgrade

What an awesome game!

The music is awesome and fits it well! I can waste a lot of my time on this and enjoy doing it.

fun little game

i enjoyed this game.

i read the description after beating the game and it would have been nice to know about the autofire feature and the half-speed feature. perhaps you could put the intructions about the keys into the game. maybe it's the super-fast loading speed of this game that's to blame - i think i usually read the game description while i'm bored and waiting for the game to load.

the short music loop got annoying after about 20 mins.

sometimes when i press down and left or down and right it would only go either down or sideways, rather than on an angle. it always worked with up+left and up+right.

all the different upgrades are nice but it would be better if all the upgrades were about the same strength at their maximum upgrade level. as it stands it's a waste of time and upgrade points to upgrade anything but the laser because it's by far the best weapon.

Credits & Info

4.71 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2011
6:46 PM EST

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