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Wapos Racerz

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Start your engines and get ready for fun in the award-winning stop-motion world of Wapos Bay - it's 3 laps and winner-takes-all on the biggest Flash-powered kart racing game yet: WAPOS RACERZ! Play as one of four beloved characters as you explore the town, discover shortcuts and hidden secrets, and collect 'Slushie Kitties' to unlock movies from the series finale!

Steer with arrow keys left and right, down arrow to brake.
Grab Rabbit totem for a speed boost, avoid Turtle totem slow down.
Collect 10 Slushy Kitties to unlock a bonus Wapos Bay video.
Look for the secret shortcut to get the winning advantage!

Thanks for the reviews guys, please keep them coming, its great to hear from all the gamers out there in the Newgrounds community, thanks so much!
Thom from phantomcompass

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Pretty slick!

Really nice animations and overall design. All the art is of high quality - I love the handmade style, and the video clips feature some nice stop-motion! Audio's good if a little repetitive...would be nice to hear more conversation. Kinda makes me wish I had a joystick to take the curves better...

Not bad.

This game is quite well made and good work on that.The racers and the background are well animated and there is a variety of racers for players to choose from and there are perks like turbo boost and slow down in the game.However ,this game would be better if there are upgrades and the racers should have different attributes like acceleration levels and top speeds and resistance levels to the road surfaces.The controls could be made smoother,so the racer could make turns more easily and more perks can be added to the game which the racers could use to slow down their opponents and lastly more tracks.Anyway,good job and hope there will be a second one soon.