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Legend of the Void

rated 4.42 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Dec 5, 2011 | 2:43 PM EST

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Author Comments

MAJOR UPDATE: Combat/balance totally revamped. Mid and endgame are much more challenging now! 4 difficulty settings (in options)

CHANGE LOG: m/forums/showthread.php?t =119

FULL MAP: m/forums/showthread.php?t =261

This game was programmed 100% by 1 guy (me!) and it's huge so I'm sure there are some bugs I've missed. Please submit reports or visit m to post them on the official forum!
IMPORTANT: If you experience a game breaking bug during loading, between maps, or during the intro please go to my website and follow the instructions if you have time: m/forums/showthread.php?t =97
Known issues that are being worked on: Equipment bonuses not showing in inventory (they do work in combat!), Manual saving, Quest items not disappearing... I am working on fixing them as fast as I can!
SAVING ISSUES: Go to the following link and make sure you have 100kb chosen and both check boxes checked- /support/documentation/en /flashplayer/help/setting s_manager03.html


Explore like Diablo, combat like Sonny! Mouse only + keyboard hotkeys.
RUNNING ADDED: Press R to toggle
If you click and hold the mouse you will keep moving towards it!
To REDISTRIBUTE your attributes/skills, click the R icon in the character screen!
QUIT a fight in the Options menu!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

not bad

I think the game is quite slow, thanks to all the walking around. And compared to the monsters before, the boss is too hard (i played a mage and by doing the rebirth, i could easily defeat it, but still).
Also i was quite surprised to see that after a rebirth all my clothes were gone, and i had to defeat the boss butt-naked.
And the junk items in the last cave, where you can not return, why are they there? I was hoping for something useful, but all i got was junk.
well nevermind..
still 10 points.

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violatorgames responds:

Press R to run. Items are unequipped during Ritual of Rebirth so you can re-equip them if you still meet the requirements. They are not lost :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I enjoyed the game, it was amazing to kno that only one person created this game, so i guess it would take some time to see the next part of this game 10/10

btw, crow342 you can regain your junk if you accidentally press the junk button :)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Legend of toughness

I find it quite hard and you should put a button to regain junk...actually u should just sell instantly instead of just pressing junk and sell later

violatorgames responds:

Select Junk from the drop down box in items and you can restore anything youve previously junked.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

So bored... why can't I stop playing it? @_@;

Stop for a moment and imagine the ultimate RPG experience. Maybe you'd take the storytelling of Planescape Torment, the scope of WoW, the combat of Diablo and the music of Final Fantasy. Well, Legend of the Void seems like a love letter to the RPGs of the past, borrowing elements from all of these games. Unfortunately, it got the storytelling of WoW, the music of Diablo, the combat of Final Fantasy, and the loot of Planescape Torment. The result is a game that underwhelms RPG fans on virtually every possible level, despite solid construction, tons of obvious effort, and (marginally) successful Skinner Box methodologies.

Potions feel like a solution in search of a problem. Almost like they said "Well, it's an RPG, it has to have potions in it." But it doesn't force the player to chug 50 of them after every fight like final fantasy does. It's turn-based, not real-time, so unlike Diablo or WoW, there's no timing involved in using them to best advantage. And cooldown plays such a drastic role in limiting the use of your best abilities that, far from being the lifeblood of combat, they are a band-aid you only turn to when you're out of other options, or perhaps very rarely to free up your mage to take another, more important action on his turn.

Let's talk about builds. I went mage on a whim, and then min-maxxed the hell out of this thing after taking one look at the skill trees. I only put points into Magic. For skills I went fireball - sub zero - earthquake, (though truth be told I could have stopped at Lightning Storm, earthquake sucks!) then Heal - Forcefield. Mass Heal on a whim even though Forcefield prevents it from ever being necessary. I saved Vision for the last skill I take since I don't know if the 25% happens once when you level up or if it gets constantly updated over the top of your other stats as you level up.

The point is, if I could do this, anyone could, because that's what gamers DO. They look for the shortcuts. The entire philosophy behind the skill trees is broken. You can get your first capstone ability by level 4, and a second one by level 9 if you want it that badly. Worse, though, the tier 3-4 abilities are often stronger and more versatile than the higher level stuff.

That said, I am NOT saying you should nerf the build I used, or any build. Why not? Because min-maxing my character was the most FUN I had with this game. I felt like I was actually learning something.

The rest of the game is just marching through identical forests and lava-caves for a couple hours, clicking through some completely functional text that does nothing to engage the player either mechanically or emotionally. Fighting basically the same battle over and over again, progressing when you run out of stuff to kill. Then you're locked out of the earlier levels of the game (why, I have no idea,) so that if you missed some optional battles, you might get to the end game and find out that your saved game is borked, you screwed yourself around level 3 and didn't realize it.

The difficulty curve is a strange one. As you progress, battles get easier rather than harder. This is because your new abilities buy you breathing room disproportionate to the rate at which the enemies increase in power. Again, all of this is a side-effect of the asymmetries introduced by the skill tree.

Also, your low level spells don't scale with your character's power as he levels up, to the point where basic attacks soon do much more damage than a fireball spell. All skill trees have SOME baggage you take just to unlock other skills, but actually using a skill and then watching it become useless is just plain sad.

I have to commend the designer for the amount of effort he's putting into supporting it. In an age when Flash games are pushed out the door as quickly as possible to generate ad revenue, this guy is actually trying to build a community and a fanbase around the game. I wish him the best of luck. Somewhere under the surface of this, there's a great game struggling to get out.

Bah, running out of space. Lose the cooldowns! Add female heroes!

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violatorgames responds:

I feel your pain! I'd love to do a Diablo ARPG but its just not something that translates well to the tiny FLash game screen area :( I always enjoyed the Sonny style turn based combat in Flash so that's what I went with here :P

And yeah, women/skin color options coming in Ch2 :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good Game

The graphics are quite amazing for a flash game , nevertheless the animations are creappy and visual effects are not so well polished.
Gameplay is good , could be more balanced ( sometimes its just too easy )
other than that its a good game , for me 7,5/10

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