Legend of the Void

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MAJOR UPDATE: Combat/balance totally revamped. Mid and endgame are much more challenging now! 4 difficulty settings (in options)

CHANGE LOG: http://legendofthevoid.co m/forums/showthread.php?t =119

FULL MAP: http://legendofthevoid.co m/forums/showthread.php?t =261

This game was programmed 100% by 1 guy (me!) and it's huge so I'm sure there are some bugs I've missed. Please submit reports or visit http://legendofthevoid.co m to post them on the official forum!
IMPORTANT: If you experience a game breaking bug during loading, between maps, or during the intro please go to my website and follow the instructions if you have time: http://legendofthevoid.co m/forums/showthread.php?t =97
Known issues that are being worked on: Equipment bonuses not showing in inventory (they do work in combat!), Manual saving, Quest items not disappearing... I am working on fixing them as fast as I can!
SAVING ISSUES: Go to the following link and make sure you have 100kb chosen and both check boxes checked- http://www.macromedia.com /support/documentation/en /flashplayer/help/setting s_manager03.html


Explore like Diablo, combat like Sonny! Mouse only + keyboard hotkeys.
RUNNING ADDED: Press R to toggle
If you click and hold the mouse you will keep moving towards it!
To REDISTRIBUTE your attributes/skills, click the R icon in the character screen!
QUIT a fight in the Options menu!


Well done

This game is awesome. I got to a level 10 warrior and i put all my experience into "strength". but any way very good game and I cant wait to see the rest.

Very well crafted, addicting

I praise your artistic and designing talents, the variety of abilities, enemies, items, hero classes, levels and side-quests. But there are problems with story, difficulty and coding.

The story needs more
a) explanation. How exactly did the evil mage manage to perform the void ritual in the ship? What caused the volcano eruption? Why was the first settlement blocked? Who built the tunnels inside the cave in which a guy is being sacrificed? What is the background story of characters, the land, the void world?
b) detail. You need to show the cave-in happening, for example, in form of a cinematic sequence. You also need to show the evil mage getting out of prison.
c) side-quests' varied endings. For example, let the player choose whether to spare the smuggler leader or cast justice upon him. Or if the player rushes into the sacrificial cave right after he finds out someone was dragged into it, and if he doesn't visit and unnecessary places (which can be visited on the way back), then the cult's victim is saved and the reward is better.

I didn't find the game to be challenging enough, even on the hardest difficulty. I even found the last stage to be easier than the first ones (because of character leveling).

I didn't find any bugs or glitches with the coding. Except for two.
a) Sometimes the protagonist's companion, Rogan, gets stuck in obstacles while following the hero. This has 4 solutions.
1) What you did. But it looks ugly with all that passing through walls.
2) Divide the game space into small cells and mark what cells cannot be walked on. Then use A* pathfinding algorithm to find the path, but it's not the final output. You will need to link path's cells, approximating it with straight lines which do not intersect obstacles. A simple loop through path's cells can do this. The result is that Rogan will be able to move not only diagonally, horizontally or vertically, and he will also conserve the distance he moves.
3) Use geometrical/vector pathfinding. You place rectangles that are obstacles and first check if Rogan is able to just walk straight to his target. This will work only if Rogan has no size (is a point), but you can alter the way he moves by pushing him away from obstacles, if he is a circle. Then you will need to use lines passing through rectangles' vertices and the initial position of Rogan. Those lines must not intersect anything. From rectangles' vertices you make more lines to other vertices and so on. The result is that Rogan moves by rectangles' vertices. remind: rectanges are obstacles. The problem is that you will need to remember for each line on what vertices it has been to avoid recursion and Rogan might try to squeeze through thick corridors, so make sure to block them off.
4) Disable collision detection for Rogan at all times. At least he won't pass too long distances through walls, but only short ones. The problem is that Rogan might stop on an obstacle, which will be very ugly. Then you can just push him away from it... into another obstacle.
b) I saw Rogan walking to me once while not moving from his place. It was after a battle.

I really enjoyed the game, finished it in 2 hours 30 minutes. I didn't like or dislike the story, and one time I accidentally Junked a chainmail and couldn't find a way to restore it..
Anyway, 9/10 because of story.

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sick game

awesome game but there was a problem. i was at the part with the first guy from the boat and the demon but i killed the boat guy and my game froze over

Hell yeah

Very good game, good music, good gameplay, everything's okay.

You did a very good job, dude. Keep it up!

Really good

I really liked it, but.....no real replay value unless you just want to play as another class. Kinda easy, but I just played on normal/default.

9/10 just because of the lack of real replay.

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4.42 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2011
2:43 PM EST
Adventure - RPG