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Leave Cthulhu Alone

rated 4.10 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Dec 5, 2011 | 12:54 PM EST

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Bomb a Shield 5 Points You have destroyed a shield with Professor Bomb!
Level 1 5 Points You have completed the first and easiest level!
Lunatic Fringe 5 Points You have made a Monster Loonie!
Mystic Moider 5 Points You've killed with the mystic!
Professor Bomb 5 Points You have slain with the Professor Bomb!
Cop Bat 10 Points You have poisoned someone with cop bat!
Level 10 10 Points You are getting into the nitty-gritty!
Rival Schooling 10 Points You've killed a Rival!
Close Call 25 Points You have killed an invader in the ritual chamber!
Level 20 25 Points You are way deep in it now!
Maniac Cop 25 Points You've taken out a cop with a lunatic!
Rival Meets Lightning 25 Points You killed a Rival with a Mystic Monster!
Shield Slapper 25 Points You've taken out a shield with a Detective Monster!
Rival Love Tap 50 Points You killed a Rival with a Detective Monster!
WINNER 50 Points You have completed the game! Amazing!

Author Comments

(12/7) patched for some of the possible issues!
Cthulhu is coming!
He just wants to absorb you through his acidic pores! Why humans have such a problem with this, Cthulhu doesn't even know.
Left/Right arrow keys to move.
Spacebar to capture and hideously mutate a human.
R to restart level if you're blowing chow.
You cannot mutate until your power-bar (lower left) is full! The violence of humans fighting your monsters charges the bar!
Cthulhu fhtagn!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good game.

God it's been a while since i have written a review or played a good game on Newgrounds. horror flash games are my favorite genre and i'm not a huge Cthulhu guy, but i like that kinda stuff alot. And i really like this kinds of games when you need to defend stuff. Now i like retro style graphics alot and concept is pretty good. It's like you're Cthulhu's spirit that needs to defend a cultist trying to ressuruct him, correct? and i like it very much.

Now gameplay is simple, fun, and addictive. The game keeps dragging me in to play more. But now i relized that i was NOT signed in so, now i kinda how to replay to get the medals. This website needs alot of updates and improvments, but enough about that. I like the design and the way Chulhu looks. Some stuff is missing, but Cthulhu still looks cool.

The game NEEDS a replay button so, you don't have to wait for the cultist to get killed when you know you have already lost. But it annoys me very much that the Cultist dies i you expload the professor inside 4th room. Also, enemies can be more creative. I like enemies and what you can do with them, but it would be nice if the cultist had some Health and WAS able to defend himself. Afterall, he gets killed by some old man reading a book to him? i know it's just a game but still. Needs few improvments.

Now i like te regular Detective enemies which you can transform into zombies, those Witches are cool too, but Crazy people in straight jackets? kinda don't like them, but it's fun when you break their necks and send them running backwards! Also, those Rival Cultists are boring. I mean c'mon you can't turn them? you play as CTHULHU spirit, but still CTHULHU and you can't posses some rival cultists? pfff. The idea with the magical shield is cool too.

The Area and designs of the place is good. Your in a Cthulhu mansion or something like that, but wouldbe good to have more levels. And the powerbar fills VERY slow. True that you can boost it up when your minions attack the enemy, but sometimes i don't have minions left so, i'm waiting for the bar to fill, but no i keep losing when the bar fills up and i'm too late.

Also, as i said before. Cthulhu is missing some design parts. He looks like a Giant Baby Octopus mutant, etc. Where are the wings? and Cthulhu also has HUGE muscles. But still i like how Cthulhu looks in the game. Also, i like the part where you can quickly drag your minions to other rooms by pressing keys (1,2,3,4) But would be cool if you could summon your own monsters instead of using/possesing your enemies all of the time.

Also, i like the animations! like when the Professor explaods and everyone else goes skeleton for a second, etc. Good game! would be cool if you made part 2 with updates!

My verdict:

Gameplay: 9/10

Concept: 9/10

Graphics: 10/10

Animations: 10/10

and the flaws

-No restart button incase you lose

-Cthulhu is missing some details

-The cultist dies when your expload the professor.

Score: 9/10

good game! keep it up dude!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


but how the heck are you supposed to destroy the magic shield!?!?!?!!!!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Interesting game

Fun and occasionally challenging game, without being ridiculously hard. Obviously closer to Arkham Horror then actual Mythos references, but - what was I expecting of a game, after all ;). Still - the gameplay and the graphics were perfect, and an artist deserves recognition based solely on the quality of craftpiece, not the reference, so a well - deserved nine for you.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A great tower defense game

A very quirky and humourous puzzle/strategy game, and incorporating the Cthulhu Mythos makes for a unique experience. I very much enjoyed all of the different death and transformation animations that you gave each character.

The only problem I have with the game (as with most), is that after the second or so playthrough, there's little incentive to go back and play it again, as it only takes around 30 min to an hour to complete. But I do hope you've made room for a sequel!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game / Music / Atmosphere

Loved the game and how you made it feel very dark, esp with the voices and music.

Gameplay was more of a puzzle than traditional TD, but all in all, good game.