I am Cube

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EDIT [12/05]: Added Quality toggle and simplified fade-in/out transitions. Improves framerate on slower computers.

This Game Jam 6 submission is the result of a full weekend's work by 4 individuals brought together by fate. Copious amounts of energy drinks and instant foods were consumed. Grades may drop. Girlfriends may be lost. But we worked as fast as we could to bring you our collective brainchild.


Punch, kick and grapple to escape a dangerous psychedelic world!

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I did a falcon punch, how did I do that?

when u win to jump in the portal u gotta go to a high platform and then jump in it. Also to kill the metals u must hit them until they go super fast and then wait for them to look around and then press "l". If u dont know how to kill green dudes just try to get under them and then hold "s" and then press "j". Hope it helped. Anyway, great game!


Well this was a decent game here I like the style and have to say it was Abit confusing at first but for the most part of this it was pretty good nice game play I liked the game and can't figure out what needs changes as it was pretty solid for me so nice work here keep up the good game making

Nothing really this was a pretty solid game


I liked how colorful this movie was. Then again, it was a bit too repetitive. You just fought the same enemies. You still end up creating a pretty cool world. I can't hit that guy in the crotch. I don't know how to hit while jumping.

This was just a really good setup. The title's pretty weird though. Only his head is a cube. I guess that still works. This was pretty enjoyable.

Playable... Bad game mechanics. Could be better.

Where is madness 2?!?! Its 2017 And it was supposed to be made in 2011 like wtf?

Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2011
9:51 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler