Love's Cadence

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There was a bug preventing you from backtracking once you reach the semi-final room, (after sound maze) and since there's other pre-requisites you must have done in other areas to open this room, I just made it open regardless. But please do explore around and try to find them! If you do, two statues will be present in this room

SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE and please give the game another go even if you have already! The endings are well worth it!

Whats up game jammers

Here is our Game Love's Cadence made in just 96 hours - - so go immerse yourself and have fun!

' R ' to restart

There are two very different endings to this game! - be sure to try to get them both! so when you finish the game - play it over to get the second one!


So touching

This story is so touching actually made my tears shed.I really feel the sad and the love of this girl.I gave my best wishes for her.

fun concept and really cool art.

Ill try it again sometime,

but at this point I am so mega annoyed with the soundcave that I just want to focus on the good parts, click my rating, then talk about that sound cave.
great art, and most importantly great atmosphere. the interaction hub above everyone was nice and slick. really liked the evolve elements and the story was shaping up to be really cool.

Now for that sound cave. Firstly I had no idea i was supposed to follow the volume of the music to find my way out. I only found that out after reading some reviews. the guy says "WHats that NOISE" not whats that music.. or wow thats a beautiful flute.. you know something that made sense. So I raise my volume.. and unfortunately, her foots steps were so loud they made a crackling sound in my speakers. I thought i was to walk around and find a change in her footsteps.
ugh.. then theres the choice of music. Its a flute (or whatever) playing highs and lows, and stopping.. its not a continuous stream of music, its hard tell if its fading away or if the music is echoing. wrong choice for a sound puzzle.

it should've been a continuous piece of music. that you can definitely follow and know when its rising or lowering as you walked.
to take that one step further, make it layered. so when you were heading in the right direction, the song would add a new instrument to the song.

overall this was an amazing feat for just 3 days of work. and I really want to like it more than I do now, but that sound cave was just pure bullshit.

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Its so sad...

The music, the art, its so beautiful! the story is incredible and totally love it :) just the jumps are glitchy, btw those of you getting lost in the music cave, you can only go down, left, or right, just listen closely to how loud the music is and follow the sound which will lead you to a church.

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This inspired me...

To write both a short story and a song for my band. For some reason I have a tendency to write things that contain elements or horror, romance, sorrow, and love. This was right up my alley.

There's something so beautiful and yet unsettling about it. I too lost someone I loved to an untimely end. This hit home, shook me to my core, haunted me with its beauty, and depressed me. I've had my heart broken so much I'm almost sure it's turned to dust by now.

This little game reminds me of the humanity of the emotion of love. It has the power to bring heaven or crush a soul into oblivion. There's nothing more meaningful and significant, yet terrifyingly dangerous and unforgiving as love. We all risk that pain of loss yet yearn for the euphoria. It's a drug, an addiction, a desperate need for survival. We all live with the melancholy it brings. That mix of joy of having and fear of losing. That is love, that is life.

Thank you for making this. I will be thinking of my her, my friend, whom I so loved dearly, now in a better place.

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Beautiful art, despite minor polish issues

A really beautiful composition. The main character is wonderfully constructed and animated. The world is lush and pretty. I got stuck a couple times and had to reload the page (eg. you can grow a plant that blocks you in a corner), and the movement seems a bit sluggish, but overall, a great effort! Very impressive for a mere 72 hours!

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Dec 5, 2011
12:40 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click