Love's Cadence

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There was a bug preventing you from backtracking once you reach the semi-final room, (after sound maze) and since there's other pre-requisites you must have done in other areas to open this room, I just made it open regardless. But please do explore around and try to find them! If you do, two statues will be present in this room

SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE and please give the game another go even if you have already! The endings are well worth it!

Whats up game jammers

Here is our Game Love's Cadence made in just 96 hours - - so go immerse yourself and have fun!

' R ' to restart

There are two very different endings to this game! - be sure to try to get them both! so when you finish the game - play it over to get the second one!


it seems good


Pretty good

Too often the "love" game end up being linear and boring, but this was a pleasant suprise. The sound maze was a nice idea, though jumping the middle gap was frustrating at times as I found the controls sluggish.
When I went past the large stone with the glowing rune, I saw a bridge on the next scene, but there was no sign of cadence or any way of interacting or leaving the area. When I pressed R it reloaded with her standing there, so it wasn't game breaking, but still probably worth checking on.

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I support emygirl60's idea.

Though I'd say that it is not the memory of him that she destroys but rather her feelings developed for him. She remembers about him, it's just that she's choosing to live on.
The whole thing is about - are there any means to justify death, suicide, and what would they be? I don't think it's bad to put it this way - the people who suffer have problems which we could never understand so we shouldn't judge them.
One of the greatest "art" or rather: drama (a good as in Greek, not a drama - bitching and being sad over nonsense) game I've played, definetely the highlight of the latest ones. (which have gone downfall lately) 10/10, even though the game play was lacking some elements (buggy movement etc.), but you've had little time to do it. Besides, the graphics are great, so that's why you really deserve a full score.

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Nice story

I think I get it. Dirk is dead and she has to chose wether to forget him (destroy him) or go with him (into the light/heaven). Good game 10/10.

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Very good game

It's kinda short, but for a game made in three days, looks very beautiful, well drawn, and good environment (symbolical and graphical one).

But I want to point out some glitches I found. Sorry, I just want you guys to keep making good games like this one and even better ones.

-Right in the beginning, if you go left and climb the mountain, you character disappear forever.

-On the part with the branches platforms, if you get between the rose and the wall, and make the rose turn into a tree, you get stuck.

-When you interact with Death after destroying the first statue, and go back, you appear for 1/4 second on the statue room with the statue intact, then you reappear near the rock/bird. If you climb the bird again after that, it will send you to Death's cliff entrance, instead of the statue room. But the statue is still counted as destroyed.

-Happened to me twice, but I couldn't replicate it. Following some sequence after the glitch above, and after destroying both statues, when you go to the bridge, you disappear. Pressing R will make you reappear.

Now just some things I think could help the game get even better.

-It was kinda hard to jump in the branches platforms. Maybe it would be easier if they were solid only in one dimension (you can jump trough, but you'll stay on top of them).

-Nothing against slippery control, but it seemed too slippery. Trying to climb the "pillar tree" on the room under the first rock/bird was absurdly hard, although not in the way it should be.

-Her footsteps are too loud. Louder than the soundtrack. Reduce their sound a little, so we can hear the music better.

Other than that, keep the good work.

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Dec 5, 2011
12:40 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click