Love's Cadence

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There was a bug preventing you from backtracking once you reach the semi-final room, (after sound maze) and since there's other pre-requisites you must have done in other areas to open this room, I just made it open regardless. But please do explore around and try to find them! If you do, two statues will be present in this room

SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE and please give the game another go even if you have already! The endings are well worth it!

Whats up game jammers

Here is our Game Love's Cadence made in just 96 hours - - so go immerse yourself and have fun!

' R ' to restart

There are two very different endings to this game! - be sure to try to get them both! so when you finish the game - play it over to get the second one!


The ending

I chose both end options and I got the same ending...

The second time the ending wouldn't stop replaying

Otherwise good game, though I'd have liked to know more about both characters. Maybe a sequel that has more to offer? :D

yeah im sorry but this...

this... just... no =\ it was really buggy i hate to be the crank and say what everyone else said but I got stuck at... was it the fourth room? when you fall through the hole, the room to the right of it... it just went into an unending loop... no right, no left... soo... no... play testing mate... works wonders


Meh its ok, I ran into quite a few bugs while I was playing that forced me to reload the flash window entirely. But it wasn't like the game was so long losing your progress was devastating.

The bloody ending was quite surprising for me, usually games like this don't have suicidal endings as their primary ending, at least not any that I've played.

As for the hidden ending... yeah that wasn't surprising at all, the first ending gave it away.


Gameplay (5/10) - Not very original, lacks depth and length, but appropriate for a game like this

Graphics (9/10) - Appropriate if not a bit startling at times, there were no graphical glitches to speak of.

Sounds (6/10) - good lord the crunchy snow, it was realistic but it was annoying as all get out.

Music (8/10) - It seems like theirs only 1 or 2 tracks playing but their just long enough and ambient enough that the player isn't bothered by it/them, it/they also sound very nice.

Story (7/10) - While there was no explicit story during the actual game, there was an implicit or "Hidden" story explained through the npc's and the imagery, however it wasn't enough to build an accurate picture of what the player is going through other than depression.

Menu/Title (8/10) - Simple and straight to the point, but no options menu

Options (0/10) - There were no options to speak of.

Instructions (8/10) - You forgot to add the R button to your instructions sign in the game, you caught it in your description but if the game is ever reposted anywhere else, players would be very confused and frustrated.

Glitches/Bugs (5/10) - There were quite alot of glitches and bugs that would force the player to restart the game from the beginning even if they completed it once due to a strange new game bug.

Bugs list.
1- Climbing the mountain to the left of the beginning results in the player being stuck in limbo (R key may or may not fix)

2- Climbing on the first bird and flying up will not always land you in the secret room

3- Jumping off ledges in certain places (left of the book) will sometimes flash the secret room located nearby for several frames.

4- After exiting the sound maze attempting to re-enter it will force the player into limbo (R key fixes it)

5- After entering the church the player will instantly die and be reset inside the church.

6- After completing the game for whatever ending, pressing the "Begin" button will spawn the player back in the church.

7- After destroying a statue, revisiting it will cause it to respawn allowing the player to destroy it a 2nd time.

This is far from your first title as well as anyone elses in the list of people involved, most of the problems discussed were programming problems respectively which can be ironed out rather easily with a little patience.

Use this information to become better and always, 'always,' remember your options menu.


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Is that Pico in the number room?

Heh, question was in the subject.

Hauntingly Amazing

The entire game while short, played beautifully to me. And while the message or plot in its entirety might be slightly lost in regards to me, the combined effects of the music and art work was enough to keep me playing.

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3.66 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2011
12:40 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click