Love's Cadence

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There was a bug preventing you from backtracking once you reach the semi-final room, (after sound maze) and since there's other pre-requisites you must have done in other areas to open this room, I just made it open regardless. But please do explore around and try to find them! If you do, two statues will be present in this room

SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE and please give the game another go even if you have already! The endings are well worth it!

Whats up game jammers

Here is our Game Love's Cadence made in just 96 hours - - so go immerse yourself and have fun!

' R ' to restart

There are two very different endings to this game! - be sure to try to get them both! so when you finish the game - play it over to get the second one!



I loved it, just not the musical cave part. That one really started to get on my nerves after a while. It was a mixed feelings game for me. Both endings are sad in their own regards, but each I guess offers its own glimmer of hope as well in the end. I did experince the play again I'd restart in the church bug getting the same ending no matter what I choose. In the end I just had to refresh the browser to get it to work properly.
Outside that no issues~ Wonderful game as well.

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Buggy. Buggy. Creepy. Buggy

While this was an interesting concept, it seemed so incomplete. I encountered all the problems everyone else had. The dialogue was too small, so I tried increasing the size on my screen, but that made all the mouse buttons hard to use. I couldn't get into the secret room on the first try. Several times in the game, more than one bgm would be on, which really confused me at first in the maze cave. When I tried to play a second time, I started in the church, and no matter what I did, the bad ending came on and repeated endlessly. I had to reload the page to start over and get the good ending.

The bad ending, while expected, was far more gruesome that I had expected, even for a teen rating. But I like how you have a choice in the ending, and the trip to get there was fun. Without the glitches, I would have rated this much higher. Good luck to you future works.

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Lol he hasn't been gone that long...

I think it's ok for someone to mourn for someone they loved for a year or so. They were a big part pf your life, it's completely understandable. That being said, cute game. Was rather simple to play, short too. Loved the whole musical maze thing :) Both endings are sappy and cute. found a funny glitch where you just disappear in the first scene. If you climb the mountain long enough you'll just disappear lol. woulda been nice to ee the death god? have a little more of a part, just as a side note.

great game

loved it, the plant jumping at the one part was a bit hard since you would hit your head and keep falling but besides that it was great, the one room was a bit challenging and if you see half the reviews you'll realize something like this is too creative and hard for some of the people on this site lol. Loved the endings too.


its good i like it but like said before its really buggy such as i think the 4th(?) room where u evolve the trees, i would jump but the platform above it it would have a invisible box around it preventing me from getting on it but still pretty good

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3.66 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2011
12:40 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click