Love's Cadence

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There was a bug preventing you from backtracking once you reach the semi-final room, (after sound maze) and since there's other pre-requisites you must have done in other areas to open this room, I just made it open regardless. But please do explore around and try to find them! If you do, two statues will be present in this room

SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE and please give the game another go even if you have already! The endings are well worth it!

Whats up game jammers

Here is our Game Love's Cadence made in just 96 hours - - so go immerse yourself and have fun!

' R ' to restart

There are two very different endings to this game! - be sure to try to get them both! so when you finish the game - play it over to get the second one!


I thought this was a pretty good game. What I didn't understand was how I got stuck. When I first heard the name "Cadence" I thought it was referring to the pony. I've been reviewing MLP related stuff, so it's been on my mind. Then again, I am a brony. The graphics were great.

I didn't understand how to use the mouse. I'm glad I figured it out. The music is nice and suiting. This just seems like a quaint little game. I appreciate that.

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maybe its just me, but i cant interact with anything? when i click, three options come up, with only one highligted, but thers no way for me to do something

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Really like the graphics and the music, although there are small bugs.
I don't really understand English, so I can pass it through. Stuck on the level with the man in the brown hat and a suitcase in his hand. Please help :)

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I got the good ending,but i don't understand the ending just like when i finished Covert Front 4 :/

There's a rough yet radiant diamond here, but one that's also unfortunately more than a little flawed. The idea is thoughtful and interesting; the visuals, music, and sound effects are aesthetically pleasing; and yet there are a lot of glitches that mar the gameplay from start to finish.

Controls are simple, if not a bit awkward...rather like the bizarre story, I suppose. I managed to find more than a few glitches, though; some completely by accident, and others by channeling the innate beta tester within. I managed to vanish outside the scenery a total of twice--once by simply hopping up the mountain at the beginning (whoops!), and again at an area where apparently backtracking is simply not allowed (hint: there's a building and possibly a statue or two). On one of my playthroughs, it was impossible to proceed due to the necessary audio clues not functioning properly and remaining at maximum volume regardless of location. Also, though I played the game multiple times, I never earned either of the two medals. Bummer.

Overall, the game was good, but not great...which it could have been. It's a simple case of something amazing being damaged by less-than-stellar execution, but that's hard to avoid when dealing with such a tight deadline. Thanks for the interesting experience, RedHarvest and Co.

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3.66 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2011
12:40 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click