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Created by Team Tolstoy in four days for Newgrounds Game Jam #6.

Please note that the screen might stay white for a short while, before the preloader appears. If you're on a slower connection, please wait patiently.

We understand that it's short. It could easily have been twice as long, but we had to draw everything twice...

Play as an unnamed Jew, living an oppressed life in Nazi Germany. In an order to advanced their medical system they conduct bizarre and cruel experiments upon you. Soon, it becomes obvious there is only one way to break free.

Use the WASD keys to explore the landscape. Press space to change worlds and make new paths available to you. Use W and Up to while next to a ladder to climb.

Please leave a review behind. I'm just happy we got the game out there, so any kind words you can write will be a plus. It's been a bit of a journey but well worth it!


Beautiful but frustrating

Haunting. Sad. Original. Great sounds. Wonderful art! The movement was frustrating, but the concept was interesting. Overall, a great job, especially considering how little time you had. I'm impressed!

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Kinda like sucker punch? I mean you create a fantasy environment in your mind and use it to "escape" (ie, die, or close enough) so you can't be hurt by your captors anymore. Well, I guess a good idea is worth repeating. I don't get why it's beautiful, more like sadly necessary. good job for a four day project though, too bad you couldn't have spent more time on it.

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Good work!

A good start to Game Jam 6. :]

Art: Very nice work here. Not too complex, but enough to give a great feel. The main character was very fitting, and the background was eerie.

Story: A little... vague. I mean, the overall concept was mostly straightforward, but... I'm still not sure of all the mechanics of it. Like, for instance, how was he initiating these hallucinations? What caused them - and why do they reveal certain obstacles? And, more importantly... what exactly was the escape all about? Why was his mind being monitored, and what did his feat actually accomplish?
I dunno, I feel pretty empty about the plot. Still, great idea. :]

Programming: Very smooth! I didn't notice any major flaws - except that jumping wasn't always on command, so I'd fall every once in a while. It's a common mistake, though I'm not sure what causes it. It may not be the programming so much as Flash itself. Either way, the engine was wonderful, and I didn't experience a single bug. Wonderful job, there.

Music: Soo good. Both main themes were perfectly fitting to the moods they accompanied. I'll likely be downloading them both once this review is done - maybe reviewing them separately as well.

Fantastic work, Tolstoy! 7/10 4/5

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Wallross responds:

We were running into the odd problem during development when holding more than two keys down, when one of those keys was the left arrow. It's an interesting flash bug that only affects some keyboards. That's my bet about what your problem was. Thank's so much for the review!

a bit short

there was few bugs i noted, at the top of the first set of ladders, if you walked toward the edge of the screen, you would fall and reset at the base of the stairs you just climbed. the sticky shifting was a bit of an issue, and the nazi at the top of the second key can still hit you, even though he is behind the wall. neat idea but too short and a bit glitchy.

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It was really short, but it was a good game. Especially the alligator Nazis.

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3.45 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2011
10:21 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other