Super MeatBoy 2 (Tribute)

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I have 12 years and is my first game


I walked too far left on the third level and died. Who even needs super meat boy forever this is the obvious true sequel

Two things
1: This game sucks
2: Scratch

I think you made a better game than Super Meatboy 2, based on the following:

Humility: the author of Super Meatboy 2 is a pretentious fag who tricks retards into buying flash games they can play for free and then acts all high and mighty about it. He also made a blog post where he insulted several classic games that are far better than his unoriginal garbage.

This, on the other hand, is a tribute game. What's more humble than that?

Gameplay: None of that sticking to walls crap, this is just straight-up old school platforming

Art: Super Meatboy 2 has a noisy, eye scorching, Newgrounds front page garbage artstyle. Again, this game comes out ahead, this time by virtue of its tasteful minimalism

Feminism (It's 2016, people!): Bandage Womyn is an empowered female character. She DEMANDS that Meat-cuck COME TO HER RIGHT NOW. The aforementioned minimalist aesthetic precludes her objectification through the addition of tits, ass, etc. to her character. Bandage "Girl" meekly pleads for her rescue at the hands of Machismoboy. She also has tits.

Difficulty: Super Meatboy 2 likes to claim that it is difficult, but it gives the player infinite lives, which is the exact opposite of actually being difficult. This game gives the player only one life, which causes him/her to cherish it (a la Nethack). The game doesn't even tell you when you have spent it, leaving you to either put two and two together and restart or stare at the screen like a retard for a few minutes

Achievement: The author apparently made this when he was 12. Edmund Mcmillen made Super Meat Boy when he was 30, and he had one other person helping him!

level 3 i fell out of the world without using the moving bridge,

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kinda stupid but nice watch super meatboy kid

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Dec 4, 2011
12:20 PM EST
Adventure - Other