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Some of you may have noticed the Easter Egg in my latest animation, C. Crashing a Wedding, in which I sneaked Derpy Hooves as one of the horses pulling the Cyclops's carriage. Well, now, after two months of animating, I have finished my full-length flash movie featuring her.

Derpy Cardcaptor, as the title suggests, is a parody of the japanese Cardcaptor Sakura opening theme, featuring the background pony from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I know some of you may hate it just because it's about an anime, or ponies, or both. I understand. The only reason I submit this here is because I hope I'll get at least a few reviews that are actually helpful and tell me what I did right about the art/animation itself, and how to improve, instead of just ranting about how much they hate the show it is about.

So now dim the lights and enjoy the movie!

MLP:Fim belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Cardcaptor Sakura belongs to CLAMP


re: loved it

this msg is completely opposite to the kid down thjere that rated 0. I love anime....the song was cute and reminded me of stuff like inuyasha types of songs. The fact you took my little pony and anime and mixed them together has talent in it. 10/10 and void the crap the person down there says, its there own opinion and they r entitled to it, but ill do you this favor...every movie i see like this im ratin 10 instead of some low down 0. If ppl dont like a video or think they wouldnt like it, then jus dont watch it. This was intended for your own amusement and cause you the artist like anime i assume. So it is liked by other anime fans for the most part. 10/10 keep u the good work, and enjoyment of watching these

Thanks for making me laugh.

And the animation is great.
So you get a cookie.

Eat the cookie NOW!


Wanna brohoof?

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Loved It!

Great animation, nothing bad about it. I mean really... who can hate ponies?

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The person im quoting is a faggot. (B-B-GamerZ)

"This is really crappy...(not the animation) but the fact that ponies are taking over newgrounds and youtube.....
also Bronies are G@y and so are rainbows...
I do not Rate this as an Animation, I rate this as a piece of crap art that No-one would pay money for.
Further the song had nothing to do with anything relevant to Humour, neither did the animation itself.
This is a terrible animation and so you are now a terrible person and an artist.
You are hereby never getting any more reviews from me, nor will I ever watch any more of your animations.
Also if you ever send out another animation, song, or any other form of artwork (it is my duty to inform you that) it will automatically be Zero bombed every day for the rest of existence.

Another thing I would like to say is that the song sounded Japanese, (I should know as I am Learning the Language) which I think is a little offensive to the Japanese race,
Because as you may know none of what they were saying was relevant to the subtitles.
Also I take my reviewing very seriously so take into consideration that I mean everything I'm saying.
This review is so long because these are my true feeling to the fullest extent...

So there you have it a bad review for a bad animation.

Living In The Moment, Bladed Mixmaster.

Zero out of 10
negative Infinity out of 5"

Jesus Christ you hurt Derpy's feelings. Somone needs shot! I loved the movie, great frame by frame animation too! /)^3^(\

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4.49 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2011
10:56 AM EST
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