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FH Flash Collab 2011

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It's been 3 months in the making. And now, here it is! The theme is "Your daily life!"

In this little collection of random mayhem...

File 1: Newpurple's daily life.
Chivalry is weird.

File 2: LoF's daily life.

File 3: YomToxic's daily life.

File 4: Nuni's daily life.
Winter preparations.

File 5: NexX's daily life.
Apple's revenge!

File 6: AFH's daily life.
This is madness!

File 7: Hanzo's daily life.
How Hanzo stole a signboard.

Notes: 3.5 Mb! I was expecting it to inflate to 10Mb! Ah, flash optimization.

More projects on the way! Stay tuned!

Preview of the next project: GAMBLING FOR EVERY PERV, AT THE END OF THE WORLD.

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too much anime faggotry but the old woman and the cop on the first movie were totally assrape funny.

Yomuchan responds:

Lol anime faggotry

I liked the 6th one the most. The music was awesome and things you do each day made me laugh. Cybersex was on there three times! XD

the best one is the 6th one

All power to the FORKHEADS!! The inner workings of my mind have been put into a flash by people I've never met. You are recording my dreams and thoughts aren't you? I love it!

Better never than this.
What wasn't stolen music and stolen artwork from google images was just awful stick figures and unfunny visual humor that wouldn't make a Family Guy cutaway gag.
The voice acting sounded distinctly like "Somebody's sleeping in the other room" and anything that wasn't a key frame is fucking atrocious.
Scenes 4 and 5 were especially awful and lacked both visual or aural humor.
I hope that's constructive enough.