Random Heroes

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Shoot your way through alien invaders in this action platformer! Collect coins and upgrade your weapons to become stronger.

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. Press W, K, X, or the up arrow key to jump. Press L or C to shoot. Press U to open the shop menu.



It's great.


the levels have an interesting design. you have to follow alternative ways to get more money to buy new items, but, because you earn money in a disbalanced way, it's just a waste of time exploring the map.

i liked the enemies, they are creative and have a decent difficulty. the retro visual is cool too.

the last boss is very easy. i think the second one should be the last, because he was much harder to defeat.

also, it would be nice if each hero had something special. they are all the same.

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this game was fun but i just hate that the fact that when you die, it sends you back to the beginning..some checkpoints could have made it alot better...but unfortunately it didn't

Ehhh its ok but has a few easy fix design flaws

This game was ok nothing too special but i do have to say i was disappointed with a few design errors. For example the enemies didnt really progress in difficultly especially going from chapter two too three. For example in chapter two you added the "shield" zombie, snake and that arch shot zombie which was great enemy progression. But on chapter three you fell short by re hashing all the enemies and giving them slightly better stats and a new look. This would have worked IF you took into account that the player will have a new weapon which will deal more damage. Think about it this way, whats harder, killing an enemy with 10 hp with a gun that deals 1 damage, or killing an enemy with 100 hp with a gun that deals 20. it could have been fixed if you gave each enemy something new. For example the demon could have been shooting fireballs while running, the flying robot could have been dropping air mines or gave the brain robot a secondary laser cannon attack. An other problem was that it was too easy to get the "game breaking" laser gun. Like come on i shouldn't be able to get that gun at chapter two so id suggest making the prices a lot higher maybe 3000 or even 4000? Lastly the final boss was far two easy. You gave the poor zombie robot only two attacks. Like come on why couldn't he shot fireballs that were higher up to try and trick the player to jump into them or had his landing make some sort of shock wave. I hope these few hints will remind you that if you wanna make something hard don't change the stats change the abilities.

it was worth a try

the game gets kinda boring with time you should have made at least some bonus fases so the player gets something different you should change the sound between stages its always the same song

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4.22 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2011
2:27 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other