The 2nd melee on zebes

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LET THIS REST! this WAS submitted back in the good ol year of '02. u cant blam it!

sorry metriod fans no samus in this movie. the sonic teams back and ready to fight, mario yoshi and kirby fight back on the high acid battle field.

this is my 2nd movie so i kept the style from my first movie.

see you on the field: JT&co


Did ya have to kill sonic?

Huuuuuuuuuuh... I know I go overboard when it comes to Sonic, and this is Newgrounds... Sonic should always win. But that would get old. This is a pretty crappy movie. And I have a note for Killer Zero: I've played City Escape a lot more than you have. About 920 times. Not to compare. SONIC! SONIC! SONIC! SONIC! SONIC! SONIC! SONIC! HE IS THE FUCKIN' BEST! He's the shizit!

pretty cool...

i like the music... in fact on sonic adventure2 battle ive played city escape 138 times so i know the song by heart

Hello, this wasn't that bad

hi i liked it pretty much, about to watch the 3rd and fourth, but i have a question id like a response on, HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU MAKE A FLASH MOVIE!!! ive been at newgrounds for a long time and i still dont get how you put these things together, any help would be good. please email me at cybermegamanx4@yahoo.com (i also like megaman stuff)

Read before you judge!

Alright, i only voted all 0's because this movie would not work for me, not because I hated it, so I'll write it referring to DodgeBall's review. First of all, please do your research before doing anything, to prevent such things as calling Knux a hedgehog. Second, Smash Bro's flash isnt exactly original but a good one will get far. And third: of coarse it needs work. ALL flash needs more work, even All Your Base, which could do with some better text pasting. SimGirl needs to be more possible, expanded, and more original. SamMan needs to be upgraded with the graphics, as does Mario Twins. Even the GREATEST flash needs upgrades, so don't beat up on imperfections. Hey, i dont even know how to make flash, so you get a 5 vote for being able to make any flash at all *laughs*

Xanadu32 responds:

ok there gos my chases to get under dog of the week<.lol.> who is knux by the way? and you bring up a good thought that every one should know, besides my movie really did need work(badly), well thanx for the review, it needs higher numbers though.

Mario Ownz Sonic

No offense man, but that was a little weak.I'm not hear to insult your work, but a little animation besides motion tweaning premade images wouldn't hurt. Also, Kirby refers to Knuckles as a hedgehog. Knuckles is a Echidna, man. It was alright. It was fun to watch for me cause i love smash bros and smash bros melee. So, please keep in mind... Origional animation. And some more battle sounds would be cool. Also, don't let assholes tell you your work sucks. It just needs improvement.

-O-DodgeBall-O -

Xanadu32 responds:

thanx man, I didnt know knuckles was a Echidna, i just thought he was a wierd hedgehog, im planing other movies, i'll try to make a little more effort. see you on the field: JT&co

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3.64 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2002
2:21 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody