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Zipzip: Secret Dimension.

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What is the cost of being special? Discover your magic ability and see how it changes your world.
Music by: Talha Kaya: http://talhakaya.bandcamp .com/album/z-pz-p



Yet wonderful, the music really brought it all home. Very nice game!

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ttrkaya responds:

Thank you very much :)

To destroy something that cannot be understood ...

Is what humanity has done since the beginning of its existence.

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ttrkaya responds:

Or the exact opposite: worship it :)

i agree with Fuipui

outstanding game design and ease of play, not what i was expecting for an ending (not giving anything away) for the concept it was great, but i wish there was more gameplay. i understand the meaning of the title.

side note, the mouse movement was a little hard to get a hold of on some of the missions but was easy enough b/c you could stop and adjust as needed.

ttrkaya responds:

Thank you, these comments make the hard work worthwhile for me :)

I will try to improve the 3D controls though.


I loved every aspect of this game, from the storyline the music it was just incredible.

Is it to much to ask for a world we can accept everyone for who they are? Must we be jealous of people just because they are talented?

ttrkaya responds:

Your comment made me very happy. :)

Maybe jealousy, maybe fear, I don't know... But I'm glad if my game made you think about these :)

really nice game!

I really like this game. Nice, unobtrusive music, fitting graphics, nice little story that plays with the usual ridiculous tropes, original game mechanic. There's only one thing I really criticise: Too! Damn! Short! :D

ttrkaya responds:

Thank you :)

You've just deserved a sequel my friend! :) :P

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Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2011
5:24 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle