United Orbs

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- Space ambience, cool music and graphics.
- 50 levels
- In-game tutorial
- Upgrades
- Story

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A mute button. Oh GOD a mute button!!!! That music gets IRRITATING after awhile!!!!!

2/5. Woulda gotten a 3 or 4 if it weren't for the bloody music.

This game felt as if half of it were missing. Some of the levels were annoyingly random with the computer ganging up on me one time, then ignoring me the next (too hard, then too easy). Overall, I was just annoyed at the game.

-Mass Planet Selecter (Select multiple planets, send to another planet all at once)
-Planet Bypass (It's annoying to have to send stuff in a chain to a location because I have 4 planets on the path... so much clicking for a single move... more so if I'm doing stuff elsewhere as well)

-Not sure if it was an actual bug... but my ships would stop in between planets when taking fire from a defense station. One level, I sent a huge army to take over a main base, but my army was completely stopped by a defense turret manned by a few units. The army just stopped there... the turret ran out of ammo... and the army was just stuck in mid air. The enemy casually sent more units to the defense station and picked off my entire army bit by bit at its leisure since I could do nothing else after that. It's okay if the turret slows the ships, but it should only slow them a single time... not every time it hits the fleet until it completely stops.

So 2/5 from me for what felt like a game that could be fun when finished.

Pretty good

The levels are a bit sluggish at times, most of the game I played in the max speed, and sometimes there is just too much stuff going on at a time, so I put it on aggressive. Actually most of the game I kept clicking "apply to all planets" and my planets spammed, which actually got me so many wins because of the firestorm... a few glitches, the 1st +1 shield upgrade didn't work, the planet showed no shielding at first, which sucked I think. another glitch, every time you are clicking something fast or irregularly when the game is in the process of going to the losing screen, replaying screen, or something like that, you can skip levels. Last glitch, there is no ending sequence if there is supposed to be one... I was looking forward to it. Btw somehow are refreshing (hoping for end scene), I was at Progress 1/50.

Other than that, it was a rather enjoyable experience, very nice ambiance and submersion too.

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2011
4:13 AM EST
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