Jump Master

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This is my attempt at a mix of a music video, a psychadelic light show and a challenging jumping game.
Those who are seizure prone beware.
Also, if you have any comments about the game please leave one and I will respond asap!


I like it!! Looking forward to the squeal :) the only problem I found is that once I fell off the edge, and seemed to keep on falling..but other than that, I'm an impressed man!

dangoval95 responds:

Wow thanks man :)

Very good game. It would be better if the music kept on playing and there was sound effects for the game, other than the loud bang at the end of the game. Make that a little bit quieter.

dangoval95 responds:

K thanks.

Not bad!

I actually felt entertained! And pretty stupid, after reading that some guy beat the game before the song ended :\

Anyway, it's a pretty good game. Simple and straightforward. My first thought was "wow shit, do I need to be on 'shrooms to play this game or what?" :p But it's not a bad idea, it provides the challenge that such a game is supposed to, so that's nice.

Only criticism I can think of: Music doesn't loop if it ends before completion of the game. And in this event, upon completion of the game, the player is scared off his chair if he has volume on high, because of that sound it makes at the second you hit the "portal" or whatever :p

But, other than those two things, great game! Keep it up, looking forward to a sequel.

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dangoval95 responds:

Thanks dude. I'll definitely fix those problems up in the sequel.

agreed with hanasama

i honestly think its an addicting game and there is only one problem i have read is what bafana said very good nice track keep it up

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I honestly feel this game is scored too low. Yeah it's short , yeah it's simple, but I found no problems with it and at the same it was pretty fun. Plus the song matched perfectly so no complaints from that department. Nice job and keep it up

dangoval95 responds:


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3.12 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2011
1:25 AM EST
Skill - Other