Echo Force Zero: Vol1

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Echo Force Zero: Vol1

**Thanks for Daily First and FP !! CHEERS **

**also, if you don't like anime-inspired stuff or character archetypes, you probably wont care much for this ..you've been warned**

Well, i am Very happy to be getting this thing up! I worked very hard on this and am very happy with the results - - I have decided to classify it as an "Adventure Drama" as far as genre so keep that in mind
i want to thank all the incredible voice actors who really helped me bring this thing to life. and thanks to monoflauta for helping me code it all together

**Don't forget to find the hidden Scene! There will be one in each episode and it will be adding extra canon plot points - -HINT -- you dont have to click anywhere**

Check it out on youtube here:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=HD5YKEEQlPs
Later guys!


Ambitious Red.

Very good Reddy. Another victory for you ol' pal. Was excellent to see some more of your wonderful work.

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NOOOO!!! its over!! I cant wait for vol 2!! The animation and the voices were timed just right which is a BIG plus!

LewToons responds:

thank you so much! i feel like an ass for waiting so long on vol2 - -its coming though!

if this was a game id totally play it

blue guy with pig reminds me of that guy from bleach (he is dressed almost the same too) lol jeero? like jiro from japanese? when i heard of nephew i ws thinking of pokemon XD mask dude = tobi

alright ninja girl and rina lol. like the guys below, lots of cliché elements/people but I still like it very much. I hope for better animation (course there will be) I was a bit thrown off that the noob -who-will-be-the-greatest-hero-in-the -story is in a seemingly rather advanced technologic area

LewToons responds:

is Jiro a japanese name? DRAT i was hoping i came up with that word/name haha

also the time is suppose to be ambiguous, so not futuristic and not fantasy...so i hope thats coming across in some way

anyways thanks for the review!


The writing is atrociously cliche and we all know it, but I'm in it so 10/10. Also, I love you RedHarvest, so 10/10.

I think once we start giving Seitz more airtime, this series will skyrocket in popularity. That's just a theory, mind you.

But in all seriousness, you did excellent work. The animation is great and I love your use of colors. I think you've definitely done a good job at creating an intriguing universe, and while your characters might SAY predictable things, I have to admit they LOOK pretty unique. Your character designs are pretty awesome to me.

I'm really looking forward to going further into this series.

Fresh, new, and creative.

I honestly love what was done here. It's unfortunate that alot of people on this site don't appreciate good character/plot development. I would much rather see something that makes sense and characters I actually care about than some two minute action scene that means nothing. This is volume 1, and I think it is a great build-up for what's to come. I'm glad we're taking time to get to know these characters. That was a great decision on your part and I commend you for that.

As I've said in a handful of my reviews, I'm always a huge fan of something where the hard work is apparent, and it looks like you pored your heart and soul into what looks like a promising series.

Well done, Red. I await more.

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4.31 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2011
3:57 PM EST