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Echo Force Zero: Vol1

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Author Comments

Echo Force Zero: Vol1

**Thanks for Daily First and FP !! CHEERS **

**also, if you don't like anime-inspired stuff or character archetypes, you probably wont care much for this ..you've been warned**

Well, i am Very happy to be getting this thing up! I worked very hard on this and am very happy with the results - - I have decided to classify it as an "Adventure Drama" as far as genre so keep that in mind
i want to thank all the incredible voice actors who really helped me bring this thing to life. and thanks to monoflauta for helping me code it all together

**Don't forget to find the hidden Scene! There will be one in each episode and it will be adding extra canon plot points - -HINT -- you dont have to click anywhere**

Check it out on youtube here:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=HD5YKEEQlPs
Later guys!


Please don't call me a hater!

I just think that this, although obviously the product off lots of hard work, is really lame, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, ALL of the characters are cliches. And not in the good way, like Girlchan in Paradise. Every time I was introduced to a new one, I either cringed or laughed. They're just very shallow and unrealistic.

Secondly although the main storyline is very cool and full of potential, the way you used it was unoriginal. I felt as if I'd heard all the lines before, and bits that should have been funny (meeting Zatchi) or cool (Tangle and the tyrant visit the villagers) just weren't because of boring lines. Lots of bits didn't make any sense, like the fight in Direstorm mentioned earlier, and the way he personally visited those villagers to kill them for no good reason. Why didn't he just take them as slaves? They were perfectly willing to help him. The voice acting wasn't bad, but I don't feel that the characters were represented realistically. The storyline of it was so childish.

Finally, if you're going to do an anime, do an anime. I'm not talking about the art style so much (although that could have been improved, they looked like western style drawings with manga style bits shoved in) It was more the way it copied every anime technique, but just didn't get it right. There was none of the flow you get in anime, and the scenes alternating between the three planets were unexpected, it felt as if they were there simply so you could use that technique.

This is one of those things I see on Newgrounds that has so obviously had so much love and effort put into it, but just didn't get it right. And that makes me sad because I can see the potential in it.

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LewToons responds:

well, bummer that it wasnt your thing - - guess i wont be seein' ya on the next one!

thanks for checkin it out though

it's good

You need to run a spell check on some of the words, and make sure you are using the correct tenses of your and you're... etc.

outside of that, it looked like a strong effort. good art, story seems like it has potential. kind of not feeling some of the characters but i'm typically not very interested in anime style cartoons, which this one has the feeling of without the art style.

one question..

Why'd you spell valentine with an "n"? [the planet's name]

LewToons responds:

the planet name is Valiton

The children will enjoy this.

It seemed like an anime that had the usual suspects and seemed to have the generic plot that is reworked all over the East. I was laughing at this fact to take any of what the characters really said seriously. Also on the negative side an improvement to the art - Practice drawing moving limbs and hands. I noticed the strain in quality.

The laughable cliches aside. The art in this video is done very nicely especially everything besides the characters. Also most of it was pretty smooth except the prementioned limbs. All the sounds were clear and had no trouble listening to this on a lower decible.

Lastly the writing seemed predictable which is okay for now until it opens up. Though I felt like you tried to introduce far to much in one episode instead of showing us the mains and building the relationship.

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Really not that good.

Chad, Mick, I'm going to be honest with you: most of the things that you two have done after Sixgun Space were pretty disappointing. While I may approve of doing something with your own characters, it doesn't make up for how generic and uninspired this is.

Graphics: I will admit that you have nice colors for this, but the art and animation are inconsistent in quality. Examples:
-Stiff looking walk cycles in contrast with the gestures: I mean, they have some nice poses, but their walk cycles have no real weight or secondary motion.
-Proportion mistakes: Sometimes the characters ears are too high, other times their arms are misproportioned.
In addition, I would also recommend that you cut back on the blur effects a bit. On the other hand, you do have excellent backgrounds. Therefore, I suggest you work on your weaknesses for a bit.
Sound: I may appreciate you getting music from the Audio Portal, but the songs you selected didn't really contribute to anything. Try xenith800, Xarnor, Solus Lunes, Bosa, Obsidian Snow, DJ Harlock/Cross 666 and Waterflame for fitting music. The sound effects were alright considering finding "free-to-use" sound effects that are as good as professionally made ones is not easy. However, the voice acting was just uninspired akin to Tome. They weren't very distinct, nor were they expressive. Plus, by including Rina-Chan in this, you're going to piss off her detractors.
Content: While you do have a nice space setting; the characters and plot in this are just generic. They didn't have much in terms of personality, but at the same time weren't annoying. Plus, there wasn't much in terms of development for something this long. Look, I know not everything needs to be like the Stick Slayer in terms of direction, but for something that doesn't have much in terms of plot; it could have been a bit faster. On the other hand, you do have some nice angle choices.

The Good:
-Nice color selection
-Good backgrounds
-Decent sound effects
-Interesting setting

The Bad:
-Uninspired plot and characters
-Not much in terms of story development.
-The voice acting wasn't very good
-The music didn't really set any mood.

Overall: I have no right to give you a zero since I'm not much better at storywriting either. Here's a six for the effort and I hope you improve on this.

LewToons responds:

the voice acting wasnt any good?....

kind of makes is seem like you don't quite know what you are talking about...perhaps you didnt perfer the story, but i think the voice actors are top notch and i think you dont quite have the best scope on things - - i think you should put a bit more effort into your further reviews considering most of the actors do professional work

oh also, i forgot to mention - - - please do not return to watch the next one - -
peace bitch :)

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Credits & Info

4.31 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2011
3:57 PM EST