Echo Force Zero: Vol1

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Echo Force Zero: Vol1

**Thanks for Daily First and FP !! CHEERS **

**also, if you don't like anime-inspired stuff or character archetypes, you probably wont care much for this ..you've been warned**

Well, i am Very happy to be getting this thing up! I worked very hard on this and am very happy with the results - - I have decided to classify it as an "Adventure Drama" as far as genre so keep that in mind
i want to thank all the incredible voice actors who really helped me bring this thing to life. and thanks to monoflauta for helping me code it all together

**Don't forget to find the hidden Scene! There will be one in each episode and it will be adding extra canon plot points - -HINT -- you dont have to click anywhere**

Check it out on youtube here:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=HD5YKEEQlPs
Later guys!


usually i really love ur stuff.....

but this time you got a bit off,
I was expecting something that isn´t like every anime mainstream sh***
i mean every villain takls so obviosly evil laughs maniacly and looks like some naruto or dbz villain and i hate that,
why not make it more real like a person that at first glance seems sympatheic and turns out to be cruel

this also bothers me with the champion of the blue knights, not that its a female , god no i´m no sexist but i mean in general: small weakly looking chars that are f***** powerful, when in reality, lets face it theese chars would be petty weak

i would have understood it if she outmatched her opponent by her dexterity, but blocking that hammer? cmon

I understand that almost every mainstream anime today is like that and is full of cliche´s . I thought, i hoped that this would be better than that i hoped it would not confine to the norm.

i not that angry about this flash itself, so forgive me my rage, but im sad what anime in the western world has become

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LewToons responds:

Although i consider this to be anime inspired - i also am really influenced by american saturday morning style cartoons ei: batman beyond, spiderman and xmen animated series ect...even modern ones like ben10 or teen titans - - i know a lot of people hate that shit but i enjoy it - even if it is a bit campy - thanks for watching!

great animation!

great job on doing this!

I dont know if it's my computer or its the game, but it was loading slow :-/

might be me xD

LewToons responds:

sorry about that! - i tried to keep the file size low as possible - thanks for stickin with it though


Ive seen alot worse out there, and yeah the flow is kind of stock but hell i still enjoyed it. Especially Blip's faces...

Such Greatness!

Like the animation, good voices = 9/10

Being the comment on top of RicePirate's = 10/10!


you talentless HACK! Why the hell did you have references to other animes in this?! Don't you know that every popular anime out there is NOTHING like the others and they NEVER borrow from each other?!??! EVER?!

ALSO your script was totally borrowing from like 10 different movies/animes! Don't you KNOW that's illegal?! Anime series scripts are NOTHING like others and are always totally original and no cliches or stereotypes... EVER!!

Just give up, Rdhartvest, why are you even putting your heart into making original cartoons for us to watch for free?! I deserve better cuz I'm a fucking expert on flash toons.

I got better things to do like Occupy wallstreet protest where I can shit on the sidewalk and get a free iPad2 from those rich corporate business assholes who actually have and create jobs.

ban me i don't care, I'm deleting my account

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4.31 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2011
3:57 PM EST