Echo Force Zero: Vol1

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Echo Force Zero: Vol1

**Thanks for Daily First and FP !! CHEERS **

**also, if you don't like anime-inspired stuff or character archetypes, you probably wont care much for this ..you've been warned**

Well, i am Very happy to be getting this thing up! I worked very hard on this and am very happy with the results - - I have decided to classify it as an "Adventure Drama" as far as genre so keep that in mind
i want to thank all the incredible voice actors who really helped me bring this thing to life. and thanks to monoflauta for helping me code it all together

**Don't forget to find the hidden Scene! There will be one in each episode and it will be adding extra canon plot points - -HINT -- you dont have to click anywhere**

Check it out on youtube here:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=HD5YKEEQlPs
Later guys!


At the ending. Reply screen. Right click.

Right click then play. So you can see the secret scene :D!

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This was a great effort!

I agree 100% with everything Xesolor said.
I couldn't stand the dialogue.



like a real show

I'll try to be unbiased.

Bloody LOVED IT, as expected of Newgrounds, the OSTs are just PERFECT, the music in Valiton sequences are a little cheesy/childish/Pokemon-ish, good if it's what you're looking for, but a little too light-hearted and out of sync with the rest of the sequences.

Thank god you didn't give them all massive anime-eyes, the animation and particularly the distinctively different art styles deployed in the different settings are GREAT. I can see the separate nations are based on stereotypical genres in fiction stories, Oratheer on devolved dystopia, Direstorm on medieval fantasy and Farvine on futuristic sci-fi. Used individually they are cliche, but combine them together brings about a freshness and distinctive contrast to each other, great design!

My only complaints is the story and dialogue are too cliche and predictable. Too much info has been given in this first episode, from the evil overlord's domination plans to the introduction of characters. It feels like you tried to cram too much into one episode, revealing plots and laying out story context too quickly for viewers to feel comfortable or to digest. Too little info is boring to watch, but too much is also boring.

You could've kept some of the characters hidden for later episodes, gradually lift the veil on the villain's plans. One scene that felt REALLY unrealistic is the villain personally walking out to subjugate the last village in Oratheer - not even the most benevolent kings meet their lowly subjects fact-to-face, let alone a villain. The scene is purely there to introduce the villain's evil nature, which is unnecessary, and dilutes the villain's power and supreme status.

The pace works, the characters have distinct personalities (perhaps some revealed too soon, give it time to develop), the music is like an ORGY in my ears (especially the credit song), the art some of the best I've ever seen.

But the Valiton segments are CHEESY, maybe you wanted to introduce a apparently childish character that will mature, but right now, he's the most annoying character in comparison to the rest of them, which rather defeats his status as the main char. I'm sorry, it just feel too Pokemon-ish, but other than this rant, this is perfect.

Thank you, thank you for letting us see this FANTASTIC flash.

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LewToons responds:

well all i can really say is THANK YOU!

I really appreciate this review -

I am beyond excited that you caught onto the 3 nations being each almost their own universe and time period - - adding to the ambiguous time period in general

the valiton segments arent meant to be more cheesy...but i suppose they were...let me ASSURE you, you nailed it on the head - - Jeero is meant to be the least likable ...and unfortunately he will stay that way for a while.

anyways - thanks so much for checkin it out - and i hope you keep watching and see these characters grow!

Could've been better

It was interesting i could say but ther re some thins i would try to fix. The mouths when they talk is one thing, it looks like it was rushed or the the animation there was lazy. Second was about some of th voices, theyeither didnt fit the character or the voice acting wasnt too good, a example was te guy next tolod fassner i think his name was the blue knights. Anther thing was soe of the moving, like the pig running back,it was good in some parts but bd in others. There was more but i'll end it at the part where i say that wensomebody is being held up by ther neck its will make it harder to breathe hence needing a choking voice. I hope that you make the next one better and enjoy, even though you made this for enjoyment for others to watch fixing small mistakes could also help others enjoy this a little more.

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LewToons responds:

i hope i make the next one better too...and i hope the next one is better than that one! - - and so on and so forth - -

thanks for checkin it out!

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4.31 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2011
3:57 PM EST