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Bubble It

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Author Comments

Collect groups of 4 same colored bubbles in this unique matching game. Move around with the center of gravity as you try to line up the matches.

Click on any ball to transform it into the center of gravity, all other balls will move in it's direction. Collect balls of the same color, 4 or more need to connect.

There are two special kind of balls. First there is the bomb, click it and all balls in a certain radius will disappear with it. Then there is the converter ball, click it and all balls of the same color will disappear with it.

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Lovely game, but there's a glitch in the scores. There are two problems arising from it:

1) The scores and combos of the first click are not recorded AT ALL,
2) Occasionally after restarting a number of times to see if the problem is averted, you may start with 5000 points even if you haven't done a thing.

Please, please see to it.

Otherwise, the gameplay is addictive, the shifting of the centre of gravity is quite an original idea, and I really like the general look and feel of it.


Slight Glitch

I ran into what may be a slight glitch in the game, I was able to completely clear the board of bubbles while still having 4 clicks left. No more came and left me with no options other then to reset.

Other then that the game was fun and entertaining, good twist on a classic idea.

At first I was a bit sceptic, but it actually is..

Quite good, and entertaining.
Like the previous reviewers said, the gravitation-"twist" is very creative, and changes the gameplay a great deal.

Good job TurbRono!

- It's a bit weird hearing my music in a game though :)

A pleasant change

It is nice to see a new twist (no pun intended) on the old 'pop the ballons' game. Very cool.

Creative approach to a matching game

Rather than just movie the bubbles around like the majority of them, this one has you completely change the landscape of the puzzle to try to match them up. At times, it seems like it makes it completely unpredictable, but it's a nice new twist on the otherwise stale matching game.