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It is the end of the line! There's no way out! The only option is to make a stand and fight! The enemy soldiers come at you in waves and you must shoot them all down and survive to tell about it. Use your mouse to aim your rifle and left-click to fire. Your weapon will reload automatically when it is empty. At the end of each wave you'll have an opportunity to purchase weapon upgrades and ammunition with the money you've earned. When you are fighting, try for head-shots in order to cause the most damage to your attackers. Keep tabs on your health and ammunition supply by watching the stats in the top left. Good luck soldier and try your best to get out of this one alive! This is a brand new shooting game brought to you by GunShootingGames.net.



The M1 Garand rifle has a distinctive sound when it ejects it's magazine. You missed that detail, along with a lot of details that don't ring true to this WWII game. Graphics were great. Game-play, not so much. Google the M1 Garand and you will see what I mean.

DO NOT FRET! Twas a nice attempt, but try again

I searched and I searched for originality, but all I found was an overall lack of creativity and more than a daily dose of a waste of time. There was no real plot, no motive, no real reason for me to want to play this. Graphics, sounds, and gameplay were all to familiar for the genre of game you attempted to contribute to. The only reason you are receiving any stars is that I feel like you may have attempted to create a satirical statement by producing a game that exploits the failed attempts of many to recreate a war-like setting, but I highly doubt my own optimism. In future attempts, try expanding from the mold. Shooting games are fun, but far too plentiful in this day and age. Let yourself go, and make a game that that no only stretches the boundaries of acceptability, but the common mind.

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nice try

graphics were good, game play was so-so, the up grade system was whack, 2 headshots only deplete half of their life?

meh. no likey.

Good, but repetitive

Little tip: try to add more guns, enemies, etc.

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2.52 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2011
4:10 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person