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VG Cats Christmas Special

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Weird thing is that this was mostly finished back in September. I started and finished this before I started working on VG Cats 5.

I like how this shows a more softer side of the relationship between Leo and Aeris. Don't worry though, she'll be a full-on bitch in VG Cats 6. Hope you all find this cute and entertaining despite it being a blatant rip-off of Mr. Ramsoomairs art. Speaking of which, he's releasing books with his Super Effective and VG Cats collection! Isn't that awesome!? I'm getting a hard cover copy sometime soon.

Original comic: http://www.vgcats.com/com ics/?strip_id=290

Update: Thanks for the front page guys! I love you. Also made a few tweaks in the video and added Trey's xmas greetz to the end.


lol sooo cuuuuuute

i knew she didn't really hate him

I can't find words to express how cute this is...

So i'll just put this:

so many bitches in the world...

im sad... where am i gonna find a nice girl who likes video games and will forgive me for stupid mistakes instead of yelling at me like a bitch and returning a gift to the store.

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Just... Just...

Just beautiful. I love romantic videos like this :D Although i also love this series!>:o :D

gift for good intentions

this a very nice way to get the true point across also i liked the good tidings at the end and yes Merry Christmas

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Nov 29, 2011
12:39 PM EST