VG Cats Christmas Special

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Weird thing is that this was mostly finished back in September. I started and finished this before I started working on VG Cats 5.

I like how this shows a more softer side of the relationship between Leo and Aeris. Don't worry though, she'll be a full-on bitch in VG Cats 6. Hope you all find this cute and entertaining despite it being a blatant rip-off of Mr. Ramsoomairs art. Speaking of which, he's releasing books with his Super Effective and VG Cats collection! Isn't that awesome!? I'm getting a hard cover copy sometime soon.

Original comic: http://www.vgcats.com/com ics/?strip_id=290

Update: Thanks for the front page guys! I love you. Also made a few tweaks in the video and added Trey's xmas greetz to the end.



It's simple, cheery, and is a nice flash to see around for the holidays. Closely watching the series anyways, and this was a nice change of pace from the usual. (Just realized I didn't have you guys fav'd)

Not much to say, short, simple, and sweet.

Happy holidays, 10/10, 5/5


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It was pretty good.

You know, I really was expecting something epic and outstanding from you on this animation wise, but that's not exactly what I got. It also kind of offsets me to see you went from re-drawing all the scenes to using cut outs of the comic (the choppiness of the pictures reveals this) and that kind of detracts from the visual effect. But after sitting on it for a second, I came to realized that although one could construe this as laziness, it also still has the same effect, it was heartwarming one way or the other. And although I believe that this flash is a step backwards for you, just concerning the flash itself, it's still well done.

You handled the audio well, and placed it where it should have gone. Two tracks is a little small but it's still effective given the shortness. On the animation side, as I stated, I'm not pleased with the backwards step. In all the others you redrew every scene, and in that way, made it truely seem like a full animation and not just taken out scenes from the comic on flash. Now, it's not like it was done poorly, you did a good job using those scenes. But the point is, I can still tell you ripped it straight from the comic, which, off the bat, seems lazy. Now all in all, I still liked it. Despite those choppy pics, the ones you did animate, were animated with excellent quality and I have to say, although not your best, is still damn good.

I still got a pretty good heart warming from this. Just seeing one of my favorite VG Cats Comic animated to those well picked soundtracks was pretty heart tugging. And I'm sure, if you would have put in a lot more work on this, it would have been excellent and very well made flash. But I can understand that this time, you have more than one thing to work on, so although I usually don't simpathize like that, I will give you a score you deserve. You have amazing potential and I just keep liking your work more and more.

- Hollow P.

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

I will admit, the part where Leo is earning money is a product of my laziness. I redrew a lot of Aeris in this piece. The other parts that I used (Aeris holding the games, the present on her nightstand) I tried using more artistically. Kinda like how you would see an anime go from its typical art to a more detailed design (typically seen at the end of episodes).

but yeah, I was lazy at parts. I think I mentioned in a PM that this was basically finished back before I even started on VG Cats 5. Merry Christmas!

Simple, but brilliant.

Y'know, this animation isn't flashy. It doesn't "push the boundry" in terms of entertainment. Yet even with a story thats been retold many times over ( in various forms ) this flash directly translates what Christmast is all about.

I hope you continue these VG cats animations. This one didn't have all the humor the others did, however paints a good and endearing story. Keep up the good work, and a happy Christmas to you.

Looking good!

There has always been a time where I wanted to see VG Cats animated, and this is getting better! Hopefully you can get the audio to sound better cause those first ones just didn't sound very good.

Thanks so much for sharing this!

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

yeah, someone told me how to get better sounds back in VG Cats 3.

hell yeah

Omahdon knows whats up.

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Nov 29, 2011
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