VG Cats Christmas Special

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Weird thing is that this was mostly finished back in September. I started and finished this before I started working on VG Cats 5.

I like how this shows a more softer side of the relationship between Leo and Aeris. Don't worry though, she'll be a full-on bitch in VG Cats 6. Hope you all find this cute and entertaining despite it being a blatant rip-off of Mr. Ramsoomairs art. Speaking of which, he's releasing books with his Super Effective and VG Cats collection! Isn't that awesome!? I'm getting a hard cover copy sometime soon.

Original comic: http://www.vgcats.com/com ics/?strip_id=290

Update: Thanks for the front page guys! I love you. Also made a few tweaks in the video and added Trey's xmas greetz to the end.



Never thought that my fav VG Cats comic would get animated! Very cool!!

: )

Remember girls bf's maybe goofy, embarrassing, and obnoxious at times, but it doesnt mean they dont think about you.....and have a merry x mas

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that put a smile on my face

normally I don't care much for christmas cause its all just mindlessly spending money on stuff people will forget you got them in a month but to find that single gift that makes someone realize how much you care about them, even when they don't say anything to you about it, thats what the holidays should be about. That and love and Joy of course.

Even if he got it wrong

It's the thought that counts. Happy Holidays!

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wait hold on a second

the voice of areis can sing.i completely didnt know that

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Nov 29, 2011
12:39 PM EST