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Nov 29, 2011 | 4:48 AM EST

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:EDIT: Added some music, written by a buddy of mine. :/EDIT:

This is definitely something experimental on my part. I've previously only dabbled in animation, so finishing something in an allotted amount of time, for someone else, was definitely a good experience to have. Personally, I love animating. For me it's one of the most challenging art forms out there, and I've finally done something of worth in that field.

The animation is actually quite short, since I only had a week to finish it, but despite its shortness, I'm really proud of it.

Au Revoir,




Rated 2 / 5 stars

keep practicing.

there's some nice scene progression here, but your plot is so bland!
as for your animation, dabble longer and harder- and dabble in some figure drawing too!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

sweet draws

yes, sweet draws and in general, a good animation, but it really need some sound (not necessarly voices, but music or something)

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad!

Wow, for your first flash animation, you show a lot of promise! Originally I was going to rate this a 7, but decided on an 8 simply because I am more impressed that this is your first one, and I'm sure you'll be making higher-than-8 work if you continue making animations!

Here are things I liked about this:

- Your artwork and use of color was appealing to see. Your style is rough and rugged, which I love, and I am glad you stayed consistent with that. I loved the gray tones, and how the character became colorful once he drank the raspberry soda (I noticed the label on the soda was the only other thing that contained color).

-Your concept was really neat, even though it was short and simple (I do enjoy short and simple). The idea that this raspberry drink can bring color to the world of the drinker is pretty cool, definitely a concept you could run with if you extended it for any reason.

- I actually enjoyed that you dedicated the full frame for subtitles, and didn't just throw them under the characters in the scenes and muddle the artwork. Plus, giving the subtitles their own presence kind of makes them stand out more in addition to being easier to read. I always dislike it when someone just throws words around among the artwork in their animations in shorts like these, unless there is a real reason to. So I commend you for that.

-Your animating skills are pretty good for a beginner, and I didn't see any major flaws. I think you'll absolutely improve over time!

Improvements for your future animations:

- Sound - whether sound effects or some related/relevant music, the silence is okay but I feel like some music or at the very least, sound effects like fizzing when the bottle is opened, could help your animation. I am very glad you didn't use voice overs for the people, though - the subtitles were great for this!

- I noticed the box around the raspberry when it floated at the end. This isn't a huge issue at all, but erasing it in the future will allow it not to be noticed and bring even more quality to your animations!

Overall, I think you made a very promising first animation - your artwork, animating skills, and ideas are unique and could easily be refined over time and really impress people. I think you should start out making more shorts like these, but experiment with different ideas, implement sounds, and fine-tune your lovely drawing style. I hope to see more here from you. Good luck!!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Most Impressive

Not a daily first, but definitely not a turd either. Your animation was on top of things, movement had a few chips here and there, but the layout was great, and I thought the coloring schemes worked out real well. You most certainly have a great animating future ahead of you. Keep up the good work!

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