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Rushed3! Originally, the concept of Rushed was to make myself animate as much as I can for one day. That's what the two previous Rushed animations were, renditions of what I had made in those one days. For the third entry, I invited some people to suffer with me on this rite of passage. The chance to become salty men of the seas. There were many casualties of staying all night animating but in turn, worked out all for the best. Right before you is the blood, sweat, and tears of members of FluidAnims.

Hope you enjoy our pain :D


I give this 3.5/5 stars. The video showed many stick figure with they own specific ability and show info of each character own doing. The fighting is good to keep the intertainment going. Now the bad thing is the there is only 2 song that can be played. Also all the fighting is done in a repeat way, always making the fighting stylist with each characters and it can be tedious. This isn't a bad video it just need to change the flow of the fighting and you need to add more music to the video, that all. I hope you can look and make more adjustment to the video. This video have 3.5/5 stars

Nice variarty

Seems like there was alot of contributers on this one, and i like all the differant styles of art and animation, the one thing that kind of bothered me was how long it took to load it being 13 megs and all, but even with that there was alot of "VARIATY" on this and that was pretty good i thought, I like the whole theme on this one, they were all pretty good and the last one seemed to have the best quality about it and kept me interested, So in the end outcome of this all was pretty good so i was generally pleased with all the effort from everyone, so great job, as for any changes on making this better, maybe think of how you can cut the file size down abit, anyways nice job.

The onlything was that it took awhile to load, think of how you can cut the file size down abit, everything else was pretty good.

Misunderstanding, but still 5r :DDD Like It!


I Loved Jomm, Hyun, Terkoiz, M3D, and Endo.
All Yall went H.A.M But they take the cake.

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4.45 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2011
11:11 PM EST