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Busting Blocks

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Author Comments

A short game with 4 levels. You have 4 lives to complete the game. Also I left in a cheat if enough people ask about it i'll tell you what it is.

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Nothing new

It brought nothing new to the table. Its worth a play if you really love this type of game, otherwise there are better versions out there. You should be able to aim the ball with the paddle(based on angles), there should be a pause. Nice try though, it has potential.

robogobodo responds:

Thank you that is some very constructive critism. I will take that into consideration when I make a sequel.

Worse than breakout

Normally in breakout games, you can control the way the ball bounces based on where it lands on your paddle. in this game you have no such control, and it's annoying to see the ball go all the way back across the screen when you only have a few blocks left.

Also Sometimes I would advance to the next level without actually clearing all(or even most) of the blocks. Is this that "cheat" you mentioned?

robogobodo responds:

I did that on purpose so you wouldn't have to wait to clear them all, and that's not the cheat.


This game has a mayor flaw in it, and it is the lack of tutorial. While it is true that the game is simple enough for the player to notice how to play it, you must at least give in your description the keys that are being used and/or a menu option that shows that.

The other thing is that the game starts too fast, making it a little annoying.

robogobodo responds:

Sorry i'll make sure to include that when I make another version.

pause button?

its ok. i definatly think there should be a pause button and a button for the music/sound

robogobodo responds:

I'll make sure to put that into the next version too.