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FWG Confrontation

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You are a galactic gladiator-- beat the hell out of swarms of strange alien lifeforms in order to survive.

Whenever you kill a creature, it will appear on your opponent's side and vice versa.

You earn money each time you kill a creature - use it to buy new weapons, specials, or power-ups.

How many rounds can you take before the creatures overwhelm you?

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There wasn't anything that bad about this. I guess I just found it too redundant. It was pretty much the same thing over and over. I can still like stuff like that. I think the animation was pretty good, though. Well, I guess the graphics.

I couldn't get any sound on this. My PC's been acting up weird lately. At least I got to play it. You had a good clear perspective of everything. It wasn't something that I would recommend.

Nice Game


The concept of "creature flooding" is nice, but I have a some notes.

Graphics: The graphics look pretty good. The UI and foints look good too, although I'd change the environment up on different levels.

Controls: Controlling the player is pretty solid. However, for a game with lots of controls, you should consider allowing the player to remap the controls.

- When you win a round, I think you should get some kind of small, monetary bonus, based on your some kind of performance metric (if the game is already doing this, then it's not apparent), or at least completely refill your health.

- The availability of weapons, items and spells are good.

- The power meter implementation could be applied a little better. Perhaps a partially filled meter could make the normal attack be a little more effective. Currently, it's either all or nothing.

- There is a bit too much clicking going on. Personally, I'd like to be able to just hold the mouse button to attack repeatedly, and you could just set up some wat to toggle that between charging the power meter and repeated attack. Most of the time, I'm using the standard attack more then the charged attacks anyway.

- I see multiplayer all over this game. You really should consider it. (: You could devise a much more interesting "leader board" maybe win-loss record or something.

- Don't give the computer warrior advantages, just because it's the computer. This is apparent from level 1. For example the computer's attack is a bit stronger, and has a better knockback. Instead of just beefing up his stats (which is one of the things that just about every other adventure / fighting game does to make "tougher computer opponents), write better AI.

- Regarding the difficulty settings: What is the incentive for the more difficult levels? I presume you get more points.

Please see this article regarding difficulty in game design:
http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature /6549/how_tough_is_your_game_creating _.php

Audio: I don't hear any sounds. My volume is up (yes, lol), as I can hear sounds from other Flash games, but not this one.

Notes / Other:
- When I keep the mouse still, the I-beam eventually appears over the cursor.

- The game is categorized as Action - Fighting - Brawler. Brawler is more like, say Double Dragon, or Streets of Rage, which is what drew me to the game. This seems more like Action - Fighting - VS, since it has a much more player-competitive aspect to it, and then there are the RPG elements in it (more currency = more power) (although in my humble opinion, the currently available selections provided in the Genre drop-down box are a bit limited. (:

- There are some typos in the instructions:
1). On the first screen, it says, "beat the hell out strange creatures". It should say, "beat the hell out of strange creatures".

2). On the second screen, "computers" is misspelled. It should say "computer's", to show possession.

Otherwise, interesting game. (:
* salutes *
- Ziro out.


I dont mind the concept of the game. However, this game sucks hardcore for laptop

Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2011
8:37 PM EST